Enrich Mobile Detailing offers interior and exterior cleaning services, focused on attention to detail

June 9, 2024 | 12:15 am

Updated June 8, 2024 | 1:55 pm

Justin Wright wants to do more for your vehicle than what you’d get with a quick clean at car wash. That’s why he started Enrich Mobile Detailing, giving thorough and personal attention to making the interior and exterior of each vehicle look pristine.

Wright moved to Owensboro after working in the cleaning business for 15 years in Indianapolis. Upon arrival, he joined Owensboro’s local small business community and opened his own company to continue his craft in an area with which he was familiar.

“I wanted to do my own thing, and car detailing came up. So, I started researching everything about it. I do cleaning so I thought I’d just stick to that, but with cars,” Wright said.

Wright said the business aims to “enrich” the vehicles in Owensboro with their different services. They offer interior and exterior cleaning of all vehicles — including RVs and buses — in at most 4 hours.

He acknowledged detailing and car cleanliness were common businesses in the area, but said there are enough residents for everyone to maintain a strong clientele.

“I’m not looking to steal their business. I just think there are plenty of cars and trucks to go around. But, I know my value. I know that I’ll do a good job,” Wright said.

Thus far, he has acclimated well to Owensboro, he said, with some support already trickling in. He said most of the growth has been through word of mouth.

“I just came here and started this and thought whatever happens happens, and it’s been good. The business has started picking up here in the last couple of weeks from the cars I’ve been doing, and the people have been great with word of mouth,” Wright said.

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June 9, 2024 | 12:15 am

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