OCC Christmas worship CD benefits community

December 18, 2018 | 3:38 am

Updated December 18, 2018 | 7:32 am

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During mid-November of this year, Jared Tanner, the worship leader at Owensboro Christian Church (OCC), had an idea that would inspire the true meaning of Christmas while also giving back to the community.

Tanner, who grew up with an undeniable passion for music, including playing in a band with his brother Jason, said he has always enjoyed recording and mixing music.

“We have some incredible musicians at church with a real excitement for doing a recording,” Tanner said.

So Tanner proposed the idea of recording as many songs as they could for Christmas and giving the CD away to the church.

“We were able to put down seven songs,” Tanner said, adding that the next step was to decide whether they would give the CD away or “tie it into some of our ministries.”

It was quickly decided that any monies donated for the purchase of the Christmas worship CD would go towards the OCC Dollar Club ministry.

“The ministry does a lot for our community,” Tanner said. 

According to Owensboro Christian Church, “Through the Dollar Club, we have seen God perform miracles and extend His love with each dollar given. Those who have lost loved ones have been comforted, broken families have been reunited through help with long-term counseling, housing has been provided for widows and the homeless, the chains of addiction have been broken through assistance with recovery programs, refugees have been given hope for a better future in helping them to get settled, single moms have been given a fresh start, the sick have been helped with medication and overwhelming hospital bills, bathrooms have been modified for the elderly, ramps have been built for the handicapped and so much more.”

With minimal marketing involved and a recommended minimum donation of $5, the worship team has already sold a significant amount of CDs Tanner said. With nearly 500 CDs sold and only 100 CDs remaining, his hope is that the church sells out in order to bless others.

Tanner said he and the worship team did not create the CD with the intention of making a profit, but as more of a reminder.

“Pretty much everything on that CD was recorded by the band at church or friends of musicians in the community that took the time to play,” Tanner said. “Christmastime is a great time to celebrate and tell the story of Jesus’ birth. We’re really excited to have that opportunity to give to the community and listen to Christmas music.”

Tanner said the seven-song inspirational CD features several popular Christmas songs, the sounds of banjo and mandolin, as well as an upright bass and a bit of jazz. He encourages those who are unable to donate money to download the CD or stream it for free online.

“We really want to get the CD out to as many people as possible,” Tanner said. “I think it ‘s going to bless the community in more ways than just music.”


Download, stream, or listen to the Owensboro Christian Worship CD, “Shine” here.

December 18, 2018 | 3:38 am

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