High school senior entrepreneur raises funds for missions partners internationally

November 1, 2020 | 12:08 am

Updated October 31, 2020 | 10:15 pm

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While many high school seniors are focused on ACT scores or future plans and how much money they will make, Bella Sailors has an entrepreneurial spirit that has left her with a different vision. 

Sailors, a senior at Daviess County High School and a member of Owensboro Christian Church, has found a deep respect for her church’s missions ministry partners around the world.

This unique passion recently led her to create a small business setup called 3B’s and Scrunchies. 

The business is focused on selling handmade accessories such as drawstring bags, hair scrunchies, watchbands, keychain chapstick holders, and more — and it has already reached people all over the world. During the initial COVID-19 pandemic, Sailors also added mask-making to her repertoire. 

Sailors donates a large percentage of the profits from her sales to the church’s missions partners in El Salvador and Guatemala. These sales happen primarily through social media accounts right now, as well as local marketing in finery shops. 

“When I first started 3B’s and Scrunchies, it was to raise money for my mom and me to go on a trip to Guatemala,” Sailors said. “I wanted to visit the orphanage our church was partnering with at the time to share the gospel with the kids. It was an awesome trip, and when we got back from the trip I wanted to do more. I continued to raise money for our partners through my business. It’s really cool to know that I am making a difference for the kingdom at a young age.” 

Before going to Guatemala or starting her business, Sailors’ passion for missions started with a program at OCC called “Missionaries it Training (MiT).” Global outreach pastor Andrew Jit started the program about three years ago, calling on young people to get involved in the Bible’s call to serve others and to spread the gospel around the world. Sailors says this program has helped her grow spiritually and academically. 

“I remember the night that my youth pastor was advertising for MiT during our Wednesday programming called Midweek,” Sailors said. “I was a sophomore at the time, and I didn’t initially attend the interest meeting. However, some of my friends encouraged me to check it out, and two years later it has led to a newfound passion for business and for missions. My story with 3B’s and Scrunchies actually played a major part in me getting accepted to the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs last summer, which helped me secure several scholarships for college.”

Jit, a New Zealand native, came to Owensboro in the summer of 2017. Prior to accepting the global outreach position at the church, he had previously served with churches in Georgia and Ohio, as well as Louisville.

“The purpose of MiT is to help young people to live a life of purpose through understanding how they can use their talents and gifts for God’s global glory,” Jit said. “Bella is one of several local students that I have the pleasure of working with in the program. She is an astute young lady who understands how to use her time, talents, and treasure to serve others well.” 

To date, Sailors has been able to donate over $1,500 to missions partners. As she nails down her college plans, Sailors hopes to continue in her entrepreneurial ways by potentially starting an Etsy shop and also finding ways to monetizing her embroidery abilities. 

November 1, 2020 | 12:08 am

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