‘Cheaper than a McDonald’s milkshake.’ Wheatgrass offering healthy options for children at low price

October 30, 2021 | 12:10 am

Updated October 29, 2021 | 10:41 pm

Photo by Jamie Alexander

Wheatgrass Juice Bar recently announced smoothie options for kids for $1.99 — a price point that is designed to be attainable for most families. Business owners Connor Minogue and Jared Bradley simply wanted a healthy snack option that could compete with low prices at fast food chains.

“This means anyone from anywhere, from any walk of life, in most any financial situation, can come into the juice bar and get a smoothie for their kid,” Minogue said. “Not only a smoothie, but one that isn’t filled with sugar and syrup.”

The juice bar recently changed some menu items, adding the kid’s smoothie option in two different flavor combinations — Cheeky Chimp and Purple Penguin. 

“Mostly what we did was change the names, add a few killer smoothies and food items, and created a more inviting layout,” Minogue said. “But my most favorite thing we did was change the price of the kid’s drinks. Our kid’s smoothies are now cheaper than a McDonald’s milkshake.”

When the $1.99 smoothie option went into effect a couple weeks ago, it was well received by customers who took to social media to spread the word.

“We are super pumped for this. Now a family can stop in and get everyone in the minivan something wholesome and nutritious without breaking the bank,” Minogue said. “We like being in the position where we can give the community something they need and want.”

Although healthier options are often well-known for their higher price tag, the Wheatgrass owners hope to show consumers that it’s simply a better choice.

“Some people may want to just grab a donut, but a smoothie would give them so much more,” Minogue said. “This could lead to a change in the way people see their food. It’s about energy. Some food wants you to slow down, but this will kickstart and get you going.”

Minogue hopes to spread the word that the health benefit makes a pricier option worth it. 

“Healthy food is expensive. Fruit and vegetables are expensive,” he said. “Trust me, I ran the cost of every item we have in the store. But there is no point having access to good fruit and vegetables and not giving that access to people who otherwise would go to McDonald’s because of price.”

Wheatgrass Juice Bar is opening a second location in Wesleyan Park Plaza within the next couple of weeks. Along with the expansion, they have started to offer new menu items such as grab-and-go options.  

The entire menu offers fresher options, and the duo is proud of that.

“Jared offers a new take on Vegan dishes and makes it delicious,” Minogue said. “Everything is totally vegan. There’s a stigma that suggests that vegan means ‘not tasty,’ but everything Jared makes is delicious.”

For more information or a menu go their website or visit their current location at 3500 Villa Point Suite 102.

October 30, 2021 | 12:10 am

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