OFD announces recipients of 2022 awards

January 19, 2023 | 12:09 am

Updated January 18, 2023 | 7:07 pm

Photos from Owensboro Fire Department

The Owensboro Fire Department has announced the recipients of their 2022 awards. Nominations and voting for these awards are open to all members of the department.

The winners, as recently announced via Facebook by OFD officials, are as follows:

Firefighter of the Year — Jordan Thomas
Announcement from OFD: “This is the second year in a row being recognized as Firefighter of the Year here at OFD. He has been with our department since 2015 and has put that time to good use with his involvement in technical rescue, mentoring new firefighters, and filling in to take on any role asked of him on his shift…rescue truck operator, ladder truck driver, acting officer, instructor… Jordan has a bright future with our department and provides a fantastic example to others with his positive attitude and proactive drive. He works hard to make himself and those around him better at the skills that make a difference in keeping our community safe. Good job, Jordan!”

EMS Responder of the Year — Zerrick Wells
Announcement from OFD:
“He was nominated and voted on by his peers here at OFD. Zerrick came to our agency in 2021 as a lateral transfer, bringing his experience from working as a paramedic and firefighter with a department in southern Indiana. In his time with us, Zerrick has shown the best example in how to provide patient care in a compassionate and effective manner. When OFD became licensed through KBEMS on April 1, 2022, to offer Non-Transport ALS service Zerrick was one of our essential providers who made that possible, and who set the standard for a new level of patient care for our agency. He can start IVs or pull hose to put a fire out, whatever is needed for the given emergency. And he just happens to also be one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Congratulations, Zerrick!”

Engineer of the Year — Andy Owen
Announcement from OFD: “He was nominated and voted on by his peers here at OFD. This is Andy’s second time winning this award; the first was in 2018. He started with OFD in 2009 and was promoted to Driver/Engineer in 2018. His knowledge of our trucks and how to use them when it matters sets a high bar for our agency and others throughout the fire service. When our firefighters are at the end of a hoseline, they want to know that someone with Andy’s skill is at the truck pumping the water to them. When a citizen is trapped in an upper floor of a building, they deserve to have his level of skill rapidly getting the tip of the aerial into the nearest window. Andy has stepped up to help train, mentor, and support others within our agency to set a high standard for pump and aerial operations. His contribution to our department and the safety of our community are deserving of this recognition. Congratulations, Andy!”

Officer of the Year — Lieutenant Andrew Behl
Announcement from OFD:
“He was nominated and voted on by his peers here at OFD. Andrew started out with OFD in 2011 and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2021. He used his background in construction and his common sense approach to problem solving to shine in his role as a firefighter for years, earning the honor of OFD Firefighter of the Year in 2016, before stepping up to lead as a fire officer. For over a year and a half he has been earning the trust and support of his crew as he mentors others and leads in a safe and effective manner on the fireground. He is dependable, reasonable, committed, and is well respected in our agency. Over the past couple of years Andrew has taken on the role of OFD historian. His work to compile our history has helped to educate our members and our community on the rich past of OFD and Owensboro. Congratulations Andrew!”

January 19, 2023 | 12:09 am

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