Dream Riders All-Ability Camp returns during Spring Break

March 30, 2023 | 12:07 am

Updated March 29, 2023 | 9:57 pm

The Dream Riders of Kentucky Integrated All-Ability Camp returns April 3-7, offering a whole week of opportunities. | Photo provided

The Dream Riders of Kentucky Integrated All-Ability Camp returns April 3-7, offering a whole week of opportunities. Located at 4705 Winkler Road in Philpot, “the horsemanship camp provides an opportunity for children and teens to participate in a safe, supportive, and affordable camp.”

Organizers say the event is prime for children ages 4 and older who love or are curious about being on a farm or around horses. They said it also offers the perfect opportunity to engage in something constructive over spring break. 

“Many of our children and teens need to continue to learn, incorporate exercise, interact with peers, and remain stimulated and experience activities that support their daily living skills,” said Executive Director Sandy Webster. “At Dream Riders, we expect the Spring Break campers to work as a team, be considerate of others, and participate in riding, horsemanship, crafts, carriage driving, and team building activities.”

Webster said there’s an added emphasis on riding skills and maintaining respect for the horse as a partner and friend.

“Each student is placed in a small group based on their age, riding ability, and previous experience with horses,” Webster said. “Each day, the students start their day with an ice-breaking game related to core values such as respect, empathy, responsibility, safety, and impulsivity management.”

Dream Riders has over 100 participants each week in their year-round therapeutic riding programs for people with visible and invisible challenges in Daviess County and the surrounding areas. 

The group has positioned itself to keep up with the immediate health needs of the community by starting a carriage driving program to address communication challenges, exercise tolerance, obesity, soft skills, teamwork, and more. 

With 13 well-trained horses and 80 experienced volunteers on 17 acres, the nonprofit strives to “make dreams come true one stride at a time.” 

“All Dream Riders programs are customized to fulfill the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional goals of the individuals participating in our equine-assisted services,” Webster said. “The positive life lessons learned each day with your team and horse partner are meant to stay with you long after camp is over.”

March 30, 2023 | 12:07 am

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