DCHS Class of 2021 told to dream big, make positive impact on others

May 28, 2021 | 12:10 am

Updated May 27, 2021 | 11:29 pm

Daviess County High School

While COVID-19 may have affected the 2020-21 school year at Daviess County, it couldn’t stop the thunderous celebration of the 310 students who began the next chapter of their lives at Thursday night’s high school graduation.

Assistant Principal Lance Blue took to the podium to brag on all students — those who achieved high academic honors, reached impressive athletic feats and have chosen to serve their country following graduation.

One student who achieved excellency during his academic career at Daviess County was the honor graduate Phillip Caldbeck. He thanked those who made his time in high school something he’ll never forget.

“I’m thankful for our wonderful faculty and staff who overcame every obstacle to carry out the education and preparation of our world’s future,” Caldbeck said. “Teachers, every one of you has been an inspiration not just to me, but to the entire class of 2021.”

Caldbeck said that if the world could be half as promising as his fellow graduates, it’d much be a much different place.

“We are no longer students, but rather full members of society with unlimited responsibilities, choices and outcomes,” Caldbeck said. “As I look out across this stadium where the last light of this monumental day shines on the beaming faces of so many eager young adults, I feel a wave of reassurance. … I’m confident that each graduate here tonight has the intellect, resourcefulness and heart to make profound changes in the lives of others.”

Principal Matt Mason went on to thank not only the students, but everyone that made this school year possible.

“To our medical personnel, this year and a half has been the roughest the world has ever seen,” Mason said. “Our medical personnel have done a phenomenal job. A phenomenal job of getting us here, keeping us healthy, working overtime and doing what they needed to do to make sure we got through this thing.”

Mason told the students that there is so much more in store for them in the future and that he believes each and every one of them has the tools to make a long-lasting impact on the world and those around them.

“Here’s what I know about you guys,” Mason said. “You have greatness within you. You can do all things imaginable. There’s so much down deep inside of you that you haven’t even touched yet, that you haven’t even tapped into yet. You’re a miracle looking for a place to happen. There’s a reason why you got up this morning, there’s a purpose why you’re here and let me tell you something. History is being read, but it’s also being written by people with imagination and that is you.”

May 28, 2021 | 12:10 am

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