Ladd to serve as next administrator at Heritage Christian School

June 8, 2021 | 12:10 am

Updated June 7, 2021 | 10:32 pm

Tracy Ladd

After serving in numerous roles at Heritage Christian School over the years, Tracy Ladd has been chosen as the school’s next administrator. She will take over for Tim Hoak, who has retired after 33 years in the position.

“For Mr. Hoak and the School Board to entrust me to take the helm of HCS displays a confidence in my leadership abilities that is humbling and rewarding,” Ladd said. “It’s an acknowledgment that God is using me as His vessel in this place at this time, and I am privileged to serve in this new role.”

Ladd initially taught 5th grade at HCS for seven years, then stayed home seven years to raise her young children. She then returned to teach part-time at the middle school, where she has been for the past 14 years. 

Over the years she’s worn many hats at HCS, including teaching in both the elementary and middle school grades, substitute teaching in preschool and kindergarten, volunteering as art teacher, librarian, office help, event planner, and building cleaner. Ladd said those have all helped her learn the way HCS operates and the needs in a variety of areas.

Ladd hopes to keep the school grounded in their faith-based approach to learning along with providing a strong relationship between faculty and students as well as their families.

“I desire to steer HCS in a similar path as it’s been on for the past 37 years, which means our students learn all their subjects through a Christian worldview, are ready after graduating to proceed to high school with a strong academic foundation, and have been shown the love of God inside and outside of the classroom which often results in life-long relationships,” she said.  “I want to support and encourage my faculty and staff, build solid relationships with HCS parents and families, and uphold our school’s reputation to continue to have a positive impact on our community.

Hoak, who has known Ladd for almost 30 years, hired her fresh out of college.

“She soon proved herself to be an excellent teacher — creative, resourceful, engaging, hard worker, and most of all, committed to a faithful, consistent walk with God,” Hoak said. “She was a great role model for our students. She embraced our mission as a school and even helped us to sharpen and refine our mission. She has earned the respect of her colleagues and has used her skills to encourage us to be better teachers. She is wise, compassionate and courageous.”

When Hoak decided he was going to retire, he said he immediately thought of Ladd as his successor.  

“I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the responsibility,” she said. “I began to ask the Lord to give me an eagerness for the job, if He would equip me for it and lead me to take it.  As a stirring began in my mind and heart, I submitted my resume.”

Hoak is confident Ladd will be a strong leader for Heritage Christian.

“I think our school family can expect HCS to stay on course, continuing ‘to glorify God by training our students in a biblical worldview to live humbly and courageously under the lordship of Jesus Christ.’ She will bring new ideas that will strengthen and enhance who and what we have been for the last 37 years,” Hoak said. “We are excited for the future under Tracy’s leadership.”

June 8, 2021 | 12:10 am

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