Family of Brown stays True to Trey’s legacy after court ruling

June 19, 2022 | 12:08 am

Updated June 18, 2022 | 11:12 pm

After a week of sitting in the courtroom awaiting the verdict of Trey Brown’s murder case, his family still seeks to continue his legacy in his death and after the case has been closed. 

True to Trey sets out to give back to the community in ways that Trey Brown tried to while alive. Some of these ways include his love to donate AirMaxs to children in the community and strawberry lemonade.

Just a matter of hours before the Juneteenth celebration the family was leaving the courtroom after spending 8:30 Friday morning to around 2 a.m. awaiting the verdict. For his mom, Angela Martin, that was only her second day of the trial she could watch.

She said she testified the first day and then after her testimony was not granted to come back until later as she was subject to recall.

That marked the first court date she missed in the 3 years of the case.

During her time outside the building, she said she felt disturbed that she couldn’t see how her son’s trial.

She was able to negotiate with her lawyers to be able to be back in after missing the first two days of the trial. When she came back into the courtroom to watch the final two days of the proceedings, she said there was only one feeling: peace.

“At the end of the day, I’m okay with myself because I’ve been there for three years. Never missed court,” Martin said.

After Chase Simmons was ruled guilty on all three counts, the families of the deceased had their moments to reflect, but it wasn’t much time before Brown’s family began preparing for their booth at Juneteenth.

Alonzo McRath, Brown’s uncle, said that after the ruling he headed home briefly and then headed back over early this morning, making cups and preparing the tables anyway because he didn’t want to let his nephew’s story go untold even after getting the resolution.

“What happened in the tragic thing though, that if we stay in the courtroom and dwell on it, how are we ever gonna move forward?” McRath said.

To him he said the mission of True to Trey is twofold, giving back to the community but also hopes to help stop the problem of bullying within the community.

The organization was able to gift a pair of AirMaxs by the end of the celebration and raise enough money to purchase more to give back to the people around. All the while, Martin and Brown’s family is continuing to say his name even after a trial has closed a chapter.

“I’m able to talk about my son to people. I’m able to tell them his story. Keep his name alive. It makes me and my kids at peace,” Martin said.

June 19, 2022 | 12:08 am

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