Allegiant to require face masks during all phases of travel

June 27, 2020 | 12:05 am

Updated June 27, 2020 | 12:22 am

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Allegiant Travel Company announced that beginning next Thursday, customers will be required to wear face masks during all phases of travel — including at the ticket counter, in the gate area, during boarding, on the aircraft and during the flight.

This policy update builds on Allegiant’s comprehensive health and safety program by bringing an extra layer of protection to customers, crew and team members at Allegiant airports.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, in concert with CDC guidance and medical experts, we have adopted a wide range of policies and procedures to ensure our customers can fly with confidence — from utilizing state-of-the art cleaning and disinfection technologies to providing complimentary Health and Safety Kits to all who travel with us,” said Allegiant executive vice president and chief operating officer Scott Sheldon in a release.

He said they have found that the vast majority of customers wear masks as a standard practice, but this update adds a layer of assurance and addresses customer needs as communities re-open.

“We had hoped to see a federal mandate to require face masks, so that all airlines could be uniform in their approach, to avoid customer confusion and to aid enforcement. In the absence of that, we are taking this next needed step in our own policy,” he said.

Customers can use their own face mask or covering, or the mask provided in Allegiant’s Health and Safety Kit. Children ages 2 and under are exempt from the new policy, as are passengers with disabilities or documented medical conditions. Passengers will also be allowed to remove face coverings to briefly eat or drink.

Customers who do not comply will not be allowed to fly.


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June 27, 2020 | 12:05 am

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