Coe concert promoter released from jail in order to issue refunds to fans

September 20, 2019 | 5:10 pm

Updated September 20, 2019 | 5:13 pm

The event promoter for Saturday’s David Allan Coe concert has been released from Daviess County Detention Center Friday in order to issue refunds to ticket buyers for the event at the Daviess County Fairgrounds in which the headliner did not perform.

Daviess County Sheriff’s Office Detective Brad Youngman told Owensboro Times that after consulting with the Daviess County Attorney, DCSO felt that is was best to request that Jason Giardina be released from jail, but only under certain conditions.

According to Youngman, Giardina was released on a $50,000 unsecured bond and with the understanding that he makes progress toward refunding tickets.

“We decided it was best to release him so he could begin to issue refunds and make things right,” Youngman said. “I’ve been speaking to people all week that are asking how they can get a refund. And the truth is he can’t issue refunds from jail.”

Youngman brought Giardina to the Sheriff’s Office where he was able to retrieve personal items, including a cellphone and a laptop, that were confiscated as evidence.

“He has said all week in my interviews with him that he wants to make this right,” Youngman said.

Giardina was charged with theft after he allegedly sold tickets to the event knowing Coe would not be performing.

Youngman told Owensboro Times on Monday that Giardina notified Coe’s business manager around 12:30 a.m. Saturday that he had not sold enough tickets for the concert at the Daviess County Fairgrounds and canceled the headlining act. Giardina then continued to sell tickets until 6 p.m. Saturday, failing to inform customers that Coe would not be performing.

Giardina is set to appear in court Monday morning.

September 20, 2019 | 5:10 pm

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