Connecting Ministries celebrates local women in leadership roles

March 2, 2020 | 12:05 am

Updated March 1, 2020 | 7:01 pm

When she founded Connecting Ministries in Owensboro five years ago, Cheryl Goss did so with the intention of building a community of women who could come together and share each other’s stories and experiences. Each year, the ministry has been responsible for bringing guest speakers to the annual women’s conference, including New York Times Best-Selling author Lysa Tyrkheurst who spoke at the RiverPark Center last year.

This year, in addition to the annual conference, the ministry has teamed up with White Chateau at Cecil Farms to recognize and appreciate women in leadership roles throughout the Owensboro community. The event, entitled Celebrate You, is scheduled for April 25.

“This is an invite-only event where we are pouring into those women who are pouring out and are just drained,” Goss said. “The idea comes from women’s prayer requests I received that were struggling with anxiety and stress. This is just one of those ways to help the women in our community and say, ‘We see you, we see the work that you are doing and we’re praying for you.’”

Goss knows firsthand about dealing with the trials of life. In her new book Crossroads, scheduled for release in March, Goss offers a very transparent look into her story of abuse, addiction, depression and homelessness. She said Crossroads offers scriptural support to empower other women who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

“I am not a gifted writer — that is not my thing,” Goss said. “But I do know that God gave me a story and now Jesus has transformed my heart so I am able to use these bad things to minister to others in our community. I’m not trying to be on a shelf or be in stores, I’m just trying to be in the hands of people who need a little hope.”

In addition to the struggles she has overcome, Goss said she also found herself becoming worn down from the commitments of being in ministry and felt she was not taking care of herself and her family the way she felt she should. This was another reason for her decision to create the Celebrate You event.

“It has been a burden on my heart,” Goss said. “I understand that need for work-life balance. There is so much importance in leading our community, but also in leading our families.”

According to Goss, the complimentary event is intended to be one of refreshing and renewal and will include a catered lunch from Nona’s Market as well as a Q&A panel from others in leadership.

“We’ve really stayed behind the scenes in what we do in the community,” Goss said.
“I just really want people to understand the heart behind what we’re doing. We have to get support from the community, and the only way we’re going to do that is to do show what we’re doing in the community.”

March 2, 2020 | 12:05 am

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