HorseFeathers Gifts to open downtown location

June 15, 2020

Created in 2009 as an online specialty jewelry store, HorseFeathers Gifts is excited to open a brick and mortar location in downtown Owensboro in July. The company secured the location last year, using it initially as a workspace and studio for their online ventures.

While the store will only be open to the public two days a week or by appointment, the extra space will allow HFG more studio space and the option for customers to pick up in store.

Located in the century-old McAtee building on the corner of Second and Daviess streets, their operation will now encapsulate two stories. The first floor is for personalized jewelry design, workshops and retail, while the second floor is where all the magic happens.


“Everything we sell, we make,” said owner and lead designer Chelsea Farmer. “Everything is handmade and custom-designed. It’s a very branded experience.”

The store, which once operated out of an extra room in Farmer’s house, has since been featured on FOX News, Martha Stewart and other national stations. Additionally, their jewelry can be found on the likes of television shows like Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and many more.

Adaptations made during the pandemic sparked an unprecedented 400% increase in sales. Pairing the spike with a decade of online growth, Farmer and her crew decided it was time to further their brand.

“Several of our clients were stuck at home and struggling to find activities to do with their kids,” she said. “We began offering DIY kits and paired them with video tutorials within our private Facebook group. It was an instant hit.”

That, along with local demand for in-store pick-up, prompted several ideas for their new venture.

“We want to be more than a specialty jewelry store, we want to be an experience,” Farmer said. “We offer specialized experiences for wedding parties, corporate gifting, jewelry classes. We will even let you design your own specialized piece in-house.”

The storefront will also feature their own clothing and accessory line that encompasses shirts, hats, mugs and more. The items all feature inspirational messages custom-designed by Farmer and her team.

“We presently have three full-time employees, but we are in the process of adding a fourth,” she said. “All of us will share a role in the retail experience.”

The store is set to open next month and will operate with limited hours, primarily on the weekend. They will also be open by appointment for special designs or events.

“We are excited to take what we already make and have it available right here in Owensboro,” she said. “We have a lot of loyal online supporters and we’re excited to see that translate to retail.”

*Editor’s Note: The original version of this story did not include that the store would only be open to the public two days a week.

June 15, 2020

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