Blam’s Mobile Detailing keeps Owensboro shining

January 24, 2021 | 12:10 am

Updated January 23, 2021 | 5:54 pm

Photo by Ryan Richardson

In 2017, entrepreneur Marcus Caldwell launched Blam’s Mobile Detailing and brought a new service to Owensboro — detailing vehicles on location at homes and offices ever.   

“I started detailing on my days off,” Caldwell said. “But when I got laid off at my previous job, I decided to put 100% behind this.” 

After noticing there were already several detail shops in town, Marcus had the idea to start a mobile detailing service out of his work van, which he keeps fully stocked with everything he needs to wash, wax, vacuum, shampoo, steam, wet sand, polish, and apply ceramic glaze. The van even carries generators, so he’s completely self-sufficient. 

Blam’s has been a hit in Owensboro. Even though COVID-19, Caldwell has stayed busy, but he said it took some hustle to build his clientele when he originally started the business.

“It was word of mouth in the beginning,” he said. “I started with zero customers but I hit the pavement and started handing out fliers. That’s old-school marketing.” 

More than once, he washed someone’s car or truck for free just to get exposure. But things got busy pretty quickly once it caught on.

One day recently, for example, Blam had five bookings in one day. 

“I enjoy it. I’ve always enjoyed detailing cars. I love getting up every morning and getting to work,” Caldwell said. “Even the cold doesn’t bother me. I always tell my customers, let me worry about the cold. I got gloves and boots. I’m fine out here. I come prepared.”  

In the summertime though, he gets a little help.

“When my sons (age 14 and 15) aren’t in school, they’ll help me out,” Caldwell said. “Otherwise it’s just me.”  

The “basic in-and-out” is the most popular service with customers, which includes vacuuming and cleaning the interior, plus washing the exterior, windows, and tires.

“That’s what I started offering at first, but over the years I’ve added other options,” Caldwell said. “Just like anything, practice makes perfect. You master your craft. The more you do it, you find new ways to do things faster and better.”

Today, the list on also includes wash & wax, paint correction, headlight restoration, ceramic coating, and more. Customers book their own appointments on the site and get an automated email and text to confirm.

January 24, 2021 | 12:10 am

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