More than 200 local students named to Dean’s Lists for Fall 2020

January 16, 2021 | 12:06 am

Updated January 16, 2021 | 10:28 am

Graphic by Owensboro Times

More than 200 local students were named to the Fall 2020 Dean’s List at their respective colleges or universities.

(Note: The lists below are as provided by the institutions. Schools not shown did not send a list. Any names not appearing at a school shown below were not included by the school.)

Brescia University (3.5+ GPA)

From Owensboro
Emily Adcock
, Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Ashanta Ashley, Junior, Social Work; Anna-Marie Atkinson, Senior, Social Work; Gabrielle Baker, Senior, Psychology; Caitlyn Bell, Sophomore, Integrated Studies; Skye Benidayta, Junior, Social Work; Alyssa Beyke, Freshman, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Blake Boswell, Junior, Business: Emphasis in Finance and Economics; John Brink, Freshman; Sarandan Brooks-Green, Senior, Political Science; Abigail Burden, Freshman, Elementary Education; Haley Burr, Senior, Accounting; Haley Carter, Junior, Special Edu-Elem; Avery Chappell, Junior, Business; Thomas Clark, Sophomore, Accounting; Winona Cleveland, Senior, Psychology; Nicholas Cook, Freshman, Art; Lydea Dickens, Sophomore, Elementary Education; Matthew DuFrayne, Sophomore, Engineering Studies; Billy Duke, Sophomore, Integrated Studies; Madison Dunaway, Freshman, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Keely Eans, Sophomore, Psychology; Sydney Ford, Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Daniel Fulkerson, Junior, Special Edu-Elem; Elizabeth Gillim, Senior, Art Education P-12; Valerie Gillim, Sophomore, Biology; Sofia Gonzalez Rubio, Sophomore, Psychology; Claire Johnson, Sophomore, Middle School Education; Kendall Johnson, Freshman, Human Services; Larkin Johnson, Senior, Psychology; Laura Jones, Sophomore, Psychology; John Judd, Junior, Social Work; Michael Keller, Freshman; Kelsey Kimmell, Senior, Elementary Education, Spanish; Brenden King, Sophomore, Engineering Studies; Natalie Leibfreid, Senior, Psychology; Kristopher Luck, Sophomore, Engineering Studies; Emily Lyons, Senior, Psychology; Kaylee Madewell, Junior, Social Work; Blake Martin, Sophomore, Computer Science; Mackenzie Mattingly, Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Peter Mattingly, Senior, Social Work; Jasmine McDaniel, Junior, Social Work; Madeline McFadden, Junior, Biology; Brittany Mullen, Junior, Social Work; Destiny Nicholas, Junior, Business: Emphasis in HRM; Leo O’Nan, Sophomore, Business: Emphasis in Finance and Economics; Seth Parker, Senior, Biology; Eden Pearl, Freshman, Elementary Education; Whitney Randolph, Junior, Social Work; Traci Renfrow, Senior, Graphic Design; Bianca Reyes Ortiz, Sophomore, Psychology; Lucas Rigling, Sophomore, Biology; Allison Rittmeyer, Sophomore, Business: Emphasis in HRM; Kristen Robison, Junior, Social Work; Alicia Salazar, Senior, Integrated Studies; Barbara Sandifer, Junior, Business: Emphasis in HRM; Aubrie Schueler, Sophomore, Social Studies Sec; Leah Sergeant, Senior, Psychology; Hannah Sosh, Junior, Social Work; Emily Stanley, Sophomore, Elementary Education; Shawnda Stanley, Senior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Crystal Stevens, Senior, Social Work; Hannah Straney, Junior, Psychology; Mela Sullivan, Junior, Biology; Mary Sumlut, Senior, Biochemistry; Micah Swift, Senior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Kimberly Taylor, Senior, Business; Madison Taylor, Senior, Elementary Education; Andrew Tennant, Junior, Computer Science; Bailey Thomas, Sophomore, Social Work; Hannah Trogden, Sophomore, Psychology; Deanna Ward, Senior, Psychology; Letina Warren, Senior, Accounting; Rachel Weaver, Sophomore, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Courtney Weedman, Senior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Ivellana Whittaker, Junior, Psychology; Celia Wright, Freshman, Special Edu-Elem; Madaline Brown, Junior, Communication Sciences and Disorders


From Maceo
Eileen Brandon
, Sophomore, Biology; Teddy Hallam, Junior, Computer Science; Ivory Houle, Sophomore, Biology; Emily Storm, Junior, Business

From Philpot
Hope Boue
, Junior, Accounting; Patrick Edge, Junior, Biochemistry; Kevin Foster, Freshman, Secondary English; Brianne Howard, Freshman, Elementary Education; Olivia Millay, Senior, Special Edu-Elem; Amber Payne, Junior, Special Edu-Elem; Tyler Wathen, Senior, Accounting: Finance and Economics; Margie Wooldridge, Junior, Psychology

From Utica
Caroline Boarman
, Sophomore, Biology; Hannah Cockerell, Junior, Secondary English; Emily Cooper, Junior, Elementary Education; Jacob Crabtree, Sophomore, Biology; Heather Doss, Junior, Social Work; David Englert, Junior, Accounting; Zachary Greer, Junior, Psychology; Marissa Haight, Junior, Accounting; Regan Haight, Sophomore, Mathematics; Kaylee Leonard, Senior, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Jeremiah Oakes, Senior, Medical Laboratory Science

From Whitesville
Savannah Aull
, Junior, Accounting; Alexia Barnett, Sophomore, Elementary Education; Brittney Booker, Junior, Elementary Education; Isaac Calloway, Junior, Business; Meredith Harley, Sophomore, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Kaitlyn Howard, Senior, Elementary Education; Zechariah Roberts, Senior, Biology; Cameron Wright, Sophomore, Accounting

University of Kentucky (3.6+ GPA)

From Daviess County (no classes listed)
Aull, Zachary W., Pre-Finance; Baker, Madison Marie, Psychology; Baker, Zachary Daniel, Chemical Engineering; Brantley, Briston Claire, Anthropology; Barker, Brooke A., Animal Sciences; Barnett, Dalton W., Political Science; Beckwith, Ryan Peyton, Pre-Management; Bickett, Alyssa Drew, Human Nutrition; Black, Ryan Carr, Kinesiology; Browning, Dixie Jean, Digital Media and Design; Bush, Gracelyn Parker, Public Health; Caldbeck, Rebecca E., Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology; Caldbeck, William B., Electrical Engineering; Canant, Christiane E., Biology; Cannon, Piper Chailland, Mathematics; Carr, Jordan Nicole, Sec Edu – Social Studies Education; Cecil, Abby Rose, Pre-Public Health; Cecil, Brooke Marie, Pre-Nursing; Cecil, Zachary A., Kinesiology; Conkright, Benjamin W., Biology; Cox, Christopher T., Pre-Computer Science; Daly, Paul A., Linguistics; Dodson, Davis J., Accounting; Edelen, Kayley Elizabeth, Public Health; Ellis, Andrew M., Pre-Chemical Engineering; Ellzey, Dillon Wade, English; Epperson, Eric Michael, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Givens, Maya Michelle, Digital Media and Design; Graviss, Matthew Clark, Pre-Finance; Head, Caroline E., Pre-Nursing; Head, Molly Beth, Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles; Hemingway, Mary Grace, Clinical Leadership and Management; Hertzler, Adam Richard, Management; Holland, William Andrew, Biology; Howard, Ragan Michelle, Human Health Sciences; Huskisson, Alexis Nicole, Kinesiology; Huskisson, Logan T., Finance; Hyland, Elizabeth Paige, Economics; Iracane, Paul Ryan, Finance; Johnson, Caslen, Nursing; Johnson, Lauren A., Clinical Leadership and Management; Johnson, Lauren Michelle, Integrated Strategic Communication; Johnson, Susan Nicole, Pre-Integrated Strategic Com; Jones, Nathan Paul, Music Performance; Julian, Adam W., Marketing; Knight, Brooklyn M., Biology; Lambert, Lydia Ann, Psychology; Lashbrook, John Sumner, Pre-Economics; Latham, Hannah Marie, Pre-Nursing; Le, Celine T., Pre-Marketing; Liebert, Kirk, Pre-Communication; Lin, Raymond, Pre-Accounting; Logan, Katherine E., Kinesiology; Logan, Mitchell G., Public Health; McClary, Marie Morgan, Art Education; McLellan, Lindsey Erin, Pre-Marketing; Mayfield, Garrison J., Psychology; Meador, Kaylee Nicole, Biology; Merkel, Collin A., Neuroscience; Meyer, Anna Lee, Biology; Millay, McKensie Lynn, Information Communication Technology; Miller, Riley E., Kinesiology; Mitchell, Margaret A., Kinesiology; Moore, Lily Carol, Undeclared/Exploratory Studies in BE; Nave, Mollie Katlyn, Information Communication Technology; Osborne, Wyatt Toney, Pre-Accounting; Owen, Noah Andrew, STEM Education; Padgett, Hannah Aliene, Pre-Nursing; Patel, Ishan Manubhai, Pre-Finance; Payne, Mason F., Pre-Marketing; Payne, Trevor Scott, Finance; Peters, Benjamin Scott, Pre-Computer Science; Powers, Jay Nolan, Pre-Biosystems Engineering; Ramsey, Alyssa Nicole, Architecture; Rhoads, Kate Bradley, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ruth, Michaela Elizaabeth, Integrated Strategic Communication; Sawyer, Brittney Marie, Kinesiology; Schepers, Patrick G., Management; Siddons, Blake A., Pre-Finance; Sorrells, Sophie Paige, Kinesiology; Sovar, Austin Hunter, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Speed, Sydney Lysbeth, Biology; Stevens, David Matthew, Political Science; Strahan, Katherine M., Sec Edu – English Education; Sturgeon, Jasmine Marie, Pre-Arts Administration; Taylor, Jalen T., Media Arts and Studies; Taylor, Jonathan Matthew, Pre-Electrical Engineering; Taylor, Rachel Caroline, Digital Media and Design; Waltz, Bailey Diane, Kinesiology; Ward, Ellen, Elementary Education; Watkins, Reagan Kay, Pre-Nursing; Webb, Logan Austin, Pre-Economics; Wilson, Olivia T., Communication Sciences and  Disorders; Wolter, Benjamin Richard, Political Science; Wright, Allison Victoria, Biology; Wright, Isabella Martine, Undeclared/Exploratory Studies in HS; Wright, Lucille Medley, Elementary Education; Ziemyte, Gabija, Physics

University of Evansville (3.5+ GPA)

From Owensboro (no class or major listed)
Lisa Troutman

West Kentucky Community and Technical College (3.5+ GPA)

From Daviess County (no class or major listed)
Christara Rayline Lee

DePauw University (3.5+ GPA)

From Owensboro (no classes or majors listed)
Lydia Rust; Caleb Wiggins

Bob Jones University (3.0+ GPA)

From Owensboro
Jessica Whiffen
, Freshman, Business Administration

January 16, 2021 | 12:06 am

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