Under new ownership, Crave Nutrition is hoping to help others be healthier

February 10, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated February 9, 2022 | 8:34 pm

Hoping to help the citizens of Owensboro live healthier lifestyles, Crave Nutrition and new owner Jazmin Novak are selling tasty shakes and energizer teas Monday through Saturday every week.

Three years ago, Novak was nearly 200 pounds and was experiencing a lot of pain related to having too much weight for her frame. So, Novak decided to go to a nutrition club where she lives in Bowling Green.

“I started off as a preferred member about 3 years ago,” Novak said. “From there, because I would sit in the nutrition club in Bowling Green, Kentucky, I would just sit and talk to customers for whatever reason about products, especially ones that I was using. Then, the previous owner of Crave actually recommended I get into the business.”


Novak said that once she saw how happy everyone was at the nutrition club — and seeing just how good the shakes and other Herbalife products were — she wanted to understand how it works and get involved.

So she decided to become a distributor in April of 2019, knowing that she could get a bigger discount for the products. Over time, these products became crucial to her weight loss, which in turn led to a spike in her business.

“Where I was working, people were seeing my body transform…” Novak said. “Because of that I grew my business on social media. I was out there hustling, going door to door handing out flyers.”

Fast forward to this year, and Novak was striving to advance herself in the Herbalife business. So when the previous owner of Crave Nutrition approached her about taking over the shop, Novak knew it was a great opportunity.

“I was actually in the process of trying to open a nutrition club of my own,” Novak said. “Wasn’t very successful at it, but that’s OK because this opportunity came about. The previous owner and her fiancé, they were living in Newburgh, so they decided to pass the store down to me.”

Novak doesn’t let distance get in the way of running Crave Nutrition either, as she makes the drive from Bowling Green every day to serve customers.

At Crave Nutrition there are a number of shakes and energizer teas, which are the main products sold in the store. However, Crave Nutrition offers more.

The Herbalife products specialize in cellular nutrition, meaning they work on one’s health from the inside out. So in addition to consumable products, Novak said there are things like lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

Helping herself and others live healthier lifestyles has been the motivation for Novak in selling Herbalife products, as she knew she wanted to get in the field when studying at Western Kentucky University.

“My major was hospitality management and dietetics…” Novak said. “So I’ve always been kind of into health and nutrition and stuff and eating healthy.”

There’s an array of healthy options on the menu at Crave, but Novak is always innovating and trying to find new combos and flavors to help take her business to the next level.

“One of our most popular shakes is butter pecan,” Novak said. “It’s really popular here in Owensboro… I’m always coming up with something different. I’m very spastic and I like to experiment with a lot of different things.”

Crave Nutrition is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

February 10, 2022 | 12:10 am

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