More than 300 vets lost over last year honored with Memorial Day service, complete list inside

May 30, 2023 | 12:10 am

Updated May 29, 2023 | 10:51 pm

A total of 326 names were read during a Memorial Day service at the Owensboro Sportscenter on Monday, honoring veterans who have died over the last year and that have ties to Owensboro-Daviess County. | Photo by Josh Kelly

A total of 326 names were read during a Memorial Day service at the Owensboro Sportscenter on Monday, honoring veterans who have died over the last year and that have ties to Owensboro-Daviess County. White roses were also laid on the monument to honor the veterans.

The complete list of names can be found below.

The ceremony is an annual tradition to honor those served in the military and who have passed away since the previous year’s memorial service.

For last decade, Daviess County Judge-Executive Charlie Castlen has taken on the task of compiling the names to be read annually. Don White compiled the list for several years, then Terry Stinson took over for a short time. Castlen took over for the 2014 memorial.

Castlen said throughout the year, he reads obituaries and makes a record of anyone listed as a veteran. In the last couple of weeks leading up to Memorial Day, Castlen reached out to each funeral home and the coroner’s office to see if anyone was left off the list because they weren’t listed as a veteran in the obituary. 

Castlen said the list includes anyone with ties to Owensboro-Daviess County — from growing up here to attending college or working here for several years, and even to dying in the local hospital or being buried in a local cemetery.

In addition to compiling the list, Castlen also reads half of the names during the memorial service. Marine Chuck Coffman read the other half this year.

Pam Smith-Wright, president of Kentucky AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, led Monday’s ceremony and said it’s important that they continue to host the event and tell the names of the fallen soldiers.

“It’s an important day every year for us to stop and to remember why we have freedom in our country. We have to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom,” Smith-Wright said.

The full list of names is below:

  1. Kenneth Edward Adkins
  2. George Robert Taylor
  3. Joe Willis Lee
  4. Gerald Gabbert
  5. Dr. David L. Medley, Sr.
  6. William Edwin “Bill” Ford, Jr.
  7. Oxel J. Dillingham
  8. Richard L. Hodges
  9. Ken Hutchins
  10. Brice D. Howard
  11. Bernard “Bo” McHenry
  12. Richard “Rich” Ernest Matthews
  13. Earl Nash
  14. Dennis R. Daugherty
  15. Robert Eugene “Bob” Settles, Sr.
  16. Leonard W. Bullard
  17. Jerome Hamilton
  18. Wilford Marion Devine
  19. Donald Carrol “Donnie” Layton
  20. Lester “Louie” Anderson
  21. Leon G. Poole
  22. Kenneth R. Clary
  23. Donald Potts
  24. Herman Joseph Payne, Jr.
  25. Benjamin “Ben” Walker Hawes, Jr.
  26. Jeffrey Ray Willis
  27. Ray Edward Jackson, Sr.
  28. Michael Wayne Clements
  29. Kenneth Franklin Puckett
  30. Harry Anthony Keller
  31. Halley Eugene “Gene” Baize
  32. Robert E. Wagner
  33. James Lou Boarman
  34. Kenneth Lyle Graves
  35. Charles “Butchie” Bryant Harris I!!
  36. Sherman L. Bruner
  37. Kenneth Tasco McKinney
  38. Roy Evans
  39. William S. Emmick
  40. James E. “Jim” Krampe, Sr.
  41. James T. “J.T.” Forrest
  42. James R. Beller
  43. Roy Allen Weeks
  44. Ernest Burnell Whitsatt
  45. John David Shively
  46. Don Earl Goodman
  47. William David Dunn
  48. Bradley N. Kassinger
  49. Ramon E. Bolliger
  50. Dr. John D. Lovett
  51. Butch Trimble
  52. James B. “Jim” Russell
  53. Larry D. Grant
  54. Jack Wendell Marksberry
  55. Melvin H. Boyken, Jr.
  56. Larry Wayne Marr
  57. Edward L. Boling, Sr.
  58. Joseph Alfred Fitzgerald
  59. Ernest “Truett” Coons, Sr.
  60. Robert “Bob” L. Cook
  61. James E. “Jimmy” Roberts, Sr.
  62. Clarence “Randy” Lee
  63. George Henry Moore, Jr.
  64. Malcolm “Mac” Ray Stallings, Jr.
  65. Kenny Belcher
  66. John Paul “J.P.” Velotta
  67. Eugene “Gene” Leonard Del Wright
  68. Doyle Allen Hobgood
  69. James Clemie Cecil
  70. Gerald Lamar Barr
  71. Edward ‘Buddy” Arnold
  72. Waymon Smith
  73. James Patrick “Pat” O’Bryan
  74. Royce W. Nation
  75. Mary M. Spalding Turner
  76. Larry T. Harralson
  77. James Robert Payne
  78. Donald G. Deeg
  79. John Heidingsfelder
  80. Joseph Kenneth Haynes
  81. Bill Stevens
  82. Larry Lee Wallace
  83. Franklin “Gerald” Sharer
  84. John Richard “J.R.” Ramburger
  85. Lyndell Clark
  86. Mike Pence
  87. Charles Newton
  88. Darrell Stroud
  89. Richard “Shug” E. Mattingly
  90. Gervase “Gerry” Anthony Trautner
  91. Roy Dennis, Sr.
  92. Kenneth Rowland
  93. Richard G. Norris
  94. James A. “Jim” Knight
  95. Joseph “Dean” Hartz
  96. Billy Duff Maxwell, Sr.
  97. Col. Robert O’Neal Boyle
  98. James “Frank” Wall
  99. James P. Hundley
  100. Lelan Dale Hancock, Sr.
  101. Michael M. Taliaferro
  102. Billy Randall Armour
  103. William Paul Barnard
  104. William “Bill” Thomas Pyland, Jr.
  105. David Breslin
  106. Miles Edward Crowson
  107. Mark Alan Schroader
  108. Unie Frank Posey
  109. Mike Hughes
  110. Jonathan Deke Book
  111. Wallace Ray Martin
  112. John Carl “Hoppie” King
  113. William H. “Bill” Whelan
  114. Kenneth Wayne Foster
  115. Terry Lee Sapp
  116. Rhett Daniel Beckhart
  117. David B. Moore
  118. Carl A Payne
  119. Jeffery “Jeff” Francis Fillman
  120. Charley R. Mattingly
  121. Charles Edward Milligan
  122. James Ray Daily
  123. Woodson “Woody” Edge McRoy
  124. Charles “David” Roehm
  125. James Sidney Crabtree
  126. Clarence “Chuck” D. Wilkins
  127. Donald Ray Jackson, Sr.
  128. Pvt. Robert Arle Wright
  129. James Wilson
  130. Charles “Bubby” White
  131. Roy Michael Johnson
  132. Harold Dean Bivins
  133. Frank Lee Crowe
  134. Patrick Martin Blandford
  135. Roy “June” Martin, Jr.
  136. Walter DeHaven Toler
  137. Stanley D. Downs
  138. Dr. R Glenn Greene
  139. Alvin Jenkins Boyer
  140. Edward L. “Ed” Lynch
  141. Carl Ray Mayfield
  142. Kenneth Walton Miller
  143. James S. Fleming
  144. Thomas Dewayne Hall
  145. J.M. Atherton
  146. David Lee Morris
  147. David Allen Brown
  148. Arthur A. Harris, Jr.
  149. Thomas E. Baker, Jr.
  150. Thomas B. “Tom” Riney
  151. Paul Jacobs
  152. Anthony Eugene “Gene” Higdon
  153. David Wayne Stewart
  154. George Allen Hurst
  155. Morton B. Downs, Jr.
  156. Patricia Ann Horn
  157. Arch E. Bamberger
  158. Robert Michael “Mike” Coakley
  159. George Warren Morgan
  160. Herschel L. Spalding
  161. Lloyd Ray Nash
  162. Chad Allen Roberts
  163. Noble H. Midkiff
  164. Russell John Walkosak
  165. Michael Douglas Gilmore
  166. Richard Dale Richey
  167. David Paul “Dave” Ridener
  168. Joel Keith Hayden
  169. W.G. Worthington
  170. Dennis Russell Kerwick
  171. Joseph L. Ayer, Sr.
  172. Christopher “Toph” Neil Stodghill
  173. Robert “Bob” Charles Brown, Jr.
  174. Levi Baker, Jr.
  175. John Robert Brown
  176. David R. Crafton
  177. James “Jim” Lexter Leach
  178. James Patrick “Jim Pop Pat” Hayden
  179. Bobby Gene Field
  180. Harold Ray Norris
  181. Sidney T. Jackson, Sr.
  182. Perry Leonard Murphy, Jr.
  183. The Reverend Richard Powers
  184. Lindy Lee Robertson, Sr.
  185. David Hamrick
  186. Mervil Wallace
  187. Kenneth “Ken” Masters
  188. Rex J. McCorkle
  189. Earl Roberts
  190. Gerald D. Manley
  191. Robert J. Scott
  192. Brian Scott “Scooter” Boyer
  193. Ralph McCoy
  194. Douglas Blane Wells
  195. Thomas Merle Burton
  196. James E. “Jim” Schell
  197. George “Bud” Best G
  198. Thomas O’Daniel, Jr.
  199. James I. “Jimmy” Haynes
  200. Joseph P. Rhinerson
  201. Richard L. Hall
  202. Donald Ray Ward
  203. John Horn
  204. Richard Robert “Dick” Yerington
  205. Dwain “Dean” Carlton
  206. Alton Casey Holloway
  207. Raymond Earl Davis
  208. Ray DeGraef
  209. Charles Anthony Hagan
  210. Louis Kirk Bailey
  211. Morris “Morrie” Frank Virnig
  212. Clinton Hall
  213. Kenneth Ray “Ken” McKenzie
  214. William Eugene Gaddis
  215. Elizabeth F. “Libby” Grant
  216. Daniel “Danny” R. Falloway
  217. William “Bill” George Hayden, MD
  218. Thomas Day II
  219. Lyndell Lee Randolph
  220. Bartley C. Benson
  221. Victor P. Jones, Jr.
  222. Larry Sutton
  223. Robert L. Wall
  224. Edward Leon Donohoo
  225. William “Bill” Arnold Ford
  226. Waynell Martez Martin, Jr.
  227. Johnny Mack Smith
  228. Charles Leonard Bartlett
  229. Rick Free
  230. Clarence Randall Hendricks
  231. Harry O’Neal Watson
  232. Jackie Roberts
  233. J.C. “Pops” Stewart
  234. Aloysius Gregory “A.G.” Schwallie
  235. Wilbur Maurice Millay
  236. Larry D. Williams
  237. Billy W. Keiser
  238. William L. “Hutch” Hutchinson
  239. Kenneth Allen “Kenny” Self
  240. Scott Allen Moore
  241. Joe Haycraft
  242. Lewis “Lou” Smith
  243. William Louis “Bill” Wilkerson
  244. James “Eddie” Edward Daniel
  245. Joseph Ernest Laney
  246. Mark Everly
  247. Rory Keith Burnette
  248. Trino Martinez
  249. Dr. John Raymond Combs
  250. Eugene J. Krampe
  251. Gary Lee Sharp
  252. Michael L. McDaniel
  253. Linus Ray Henderson
  254. Steven Edward Sibley
  255. John Anthony Knight
  256. Howard Hull Shaffer
  257. Gary Michael Clark
  258. Stephen Edward Gubler
  259. Jerry Wayne Phillips
  260. Charles Eugene Porter
  261. Benjamin Chandler Atkinson, Jr.
  262. William H. “Bill” Wemes
  263. Michael Lynn Bickett
  264. John Henry Jarboe
  265. Howard Carver
  266. Raymond C. Endracke
  267. John Thomas Lanham
  268. Dennis Scott Williams, Sr.
  269. Sidney Allen Probus
  270. Marilyn Anne Dean
  271. Loyd J. Cole
  272. Robert Lee “Bob” Graham
  273. Drexel Howard Peyton
  274. Clarence Kimball Morris
  275. Ervin Paul Morris
  276. Thomas “Jack” Hester, Jr.
  277. Barney E. Williamson, Jr.
  278. Jose O. Aponte
  279. Dudley D. Maske
  280. Joseph W. Howard
  281. Larry “Bull” Bullington
  282. Carlton R. Day
  283. Dr. Robert Joseph “Bob” Hobbs
  284. Stephen Mark Campbell
  285. William Thomas Drewer
  286. Cletus “Wesley” Wilkinson
  287. John Russell Games
  288. Wayne D. Frakes
  289. Jerry Ray Shelton
  290. Alton Morris Hampton
  291. Steven Wayne Taylor
  292. John Carroll “J.C.” Sellers
  293. Charles Neal
  294. Timothy Welsh
  295. William “Bill” Russell Miller
  296. Lonnie “Junior” Mitchell
  297. Leroy O. Fischer
  298. Michael Wayne Hardin
  299. Thomas L. Wilkinson
  300. Nolen Steven Smiley
  301. Robert Lee Mullins
  302. Donald Jay “Duck” Powers
  303. Tracy Gunter
  304. Ronald Tucker
  305. James D. Weedman
  306. Samuel “Kurt” Ford
  307. Michael D. Ehrhardt
  308. Marlin Kerkman, Jr.
  309. Hershel G. Nugent
  310. Emily Peach
  311. Paul Jackson Boone
  312. Darryl Kirk
  313. Jerry Ray Penrod
  314. Smith Lee Taylor, Jr.
  315. Carl Patrick Meador
  316. Carlton L. Roberts
  317. John Allen Murphy
  318. Damian Palmer Hoke
  319. Paul Edward Frields
  320. Michael T. “Mike” Deel, Sr.
  321. Edwin Ray Acree
  322. Charles E. Sweeney, Sr.
  323. Art Doane
  324. Mark Anthony “Tony” Smith
  325. Kimothy Arthur Strong
  326. Terry Wayne Chesnel

May 30, 2023 | 12:10 am

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