City, Enterprise exploring carpool partnership for Airpark employees

May 6, 2024 | 12:07 am

Updated May 5, 2024 | 10:00 pm

Enterprise is exploring a carpool partnership with businesses at MidAmerica AirPark. Through the Commute with Enterprise program, the rental agency supplies a vehicle for 4-15 people with similar workplace destinations to lower commute difficulties.

Enterprise Sales Executive Craig Rak said that the agency serves roughly 65-70 workers through 13 vanpools at nearby Tyson Foods. Over their 2-year private partnership, Rak said, Enterprise noticed that other businesses could benefit from the program.

“There are a few areas inside of Owensboro that lack some of the resources or opportunity to help the community truly present itself,” Rak said. “Several of those employers are near the airport, such as Toyotetsu (TTMA), UniFirst, Specialty Foods, and Metalsa.”

Commute Account Manager Sarah Garth said the program provides everything from the vehicle and key to insurance and maintenance.

Enterprise recently presented its idea to the Owensboro-Daviess County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Garth proposed three options when it comes to the cost of implementing the program:

  • Enterprise pays $600, and the Green River Area Development District pays $600, with no cost to the riders.
  • If a business (such as TTMA) joins, Enterprise pays $600 while GRADD and the business split the other $600 cost. If multiple businesses join, they and GRADD split that same remaining $600 cost. There will be no cost to the riders.
  • If no financial partner (including GRADD or a business) joins, Enterprise diverts the full $1,200 to the riders for payment.

GRADD has not officially signed on, as the MPO would still have to approve any decisions first. They took no action at their most recent meeting.

Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce President/CEO and MPO member Candance Brake said she supports the discussions thus far from Enterprise.

“This has been an issue for a lot of our members, specifically those that you mentioned in the AirPark,” Brake said. “… I know [those businesses] are all going to be excited about this if they haven’t already connected with you on that.”

Rak said he is contacting businesses in the AirPark to gauge their interest in the program. Garth noted that the program is not to replace public transit but to fill the public transportation gaps.

“It does a really good job of filling in the gaps and reaching some of those folks that might not have access to transportation that need it, based on if they live outside of the existing fixed route or public transit or on-demand service runs, or they need to go to work outside the time that it operates,” Garth said.

For more information about the Commute with Enterprise program, click here.

May 6, 2024 | 12:07 am

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