Food Service Inspections: Jan. 9, 2023

January 9, 2023 | 7:48 am

Updated January 9, 2023 | 7:48 am

Food Service Inspections

These food services were inspected by the Green River District Health Department between Dec. 19 and Dec. 28. The following are letter-grade definitions:

A — 85 to 100 percent with no critical violations.

B — Failed two consecutive regular inspections or a follow-up inspection.

C — Any critical violations or 84 percent and below. A follow-up inspection is required within 10 days.

No Grade — Establishment sells prepackaged foods only and does not receive a letter grade.

  • Mr. Wok Express, 3435 Frederica Street, (64) Dec. 19. Grade: C. Violations: Person in charge is not demonstrating food safety knowledge; personal drinks in improper containers in kitchen; hands not properly washed due to absence of soap and paper towels; hand sink missing soap and paper towels; food packaging lacks integrity to prevent exposure to potential contaminants ie: meat stored in grocery bags; raw animal foods not separated by minimum cooking temperature; food equipment not sanitized properly ie: raw chicken in three compartment sink; food not covered during preparation and holding ie: food contained in cooler by the sink; three compartment sink not sanitized properly after use in raw meat preparations; food in fridges not date marked; unlabeled spray bottle for degreaser and degreaser not indicated for use in food service; meat being thawed at room temperature; thermometers missing or not visible in coolers; lack of adequate hair restraints; wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution; cans being used to dispense dry ingredients; food stored in containers that are not food grade; three compartment sink not used properly and not properly sanitized and using rag as a stopper; non food contact surfaces have an accumulation of soil; plumbing not maintained in good repair ie: no hot water in the hand washing sink; no paper towels in women’s restroom; no lid on garbage receptacle; ceiling tiles damaged and in need of replacement; floors unclean; mop sink unclean; mops not stored hanging; evidence of rodent infestation (need to hire licensed pest control company and provide proof of service). During a follow-up inspection on Dec. 22, all violations were corrected except the doors on the dumpster are in need of replacement. The business was given the okay to reopen. They will receive quarterly inspections until they can consistently receive an A grade and need to keep up with the pest control company. (99) Grade: B.
  • Compassionate Care, 1600 Breckenridge Street, (100) Dec. 28. Grade: A.

January 9, 2023 | 7:48 am

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