Real Estate Transfers: Aug. 22, 2019

August 26, 2019 | 10:40 pm

Updated August 26, 2019 | 10:40 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Aug. 14 and Aug. 22:


3901 Rudy Martin Drive, Jonathan and Jackie Hall to James and Joyce Riney, $100,000.

313 Tamarack Road, Monika Roberts and Austin Peay to Ruth Payne, $85,000.

604 East 27th Street, Kelly Stallings to OBKY Properties LLC, $68,000.

4623 Kings Mill Drive, Ray and Jenny Jones to Misty Brown, $130,000.

8880 Sacra Drive, Shelby Jarboe to Robert Jarboe, $25,000.

1313 Daniels Lane, Gertrude Pagan to H & I Development Inc., $229,500.

6650 Luther Taylor Road, Jacob Cox to James May and Debbie McCorkindale, $145,000.

1222 Independence Avenue, Evan Barrentine to Kent Estep, $44,900.

3156 Commonwealth Court, KB Holdings LLC to Wellmor Properties LLC, $350,000.

2505 Highpointe Cove, P W C Properties LLC to Maung Zin, $152,000.

2502 Heartland Greens Pointe, Georgia Durbin and Andrew Crabtree to Cameron and Alana Robinson, $149,900.

5810 Hayden Bridge Road, Michael and Erin Roby to Jacob Cox, $37,500.

805 Clay Street, Donna Logsdon to Jason Roberts, $46,900.

6057 Highway 56, Audubon Loans I LLC to Bruce and Jana Bryan, $435,000.

4831 Bernheim Drive, Jordan King to Logan Howard, $164,900.

4341 Yewells Landing West, Stephanie Roberts to Jadelene and Song Thang, $170,000.

2436 Strickland Drive, Sandra Phillabaum to Diana Daniel, $105,900.

2942 Legion Park Drive, Shelly Sr. and Cinda Ranburger to Martha Hagan, $90,000.

2525 Landing Terrace, Amanda and Aaron Gray to Jessica and Roy Moore, $136,500.

2609 Wesleyan Park Drive, Joseph and Betty Drury to Linville and Janet Adams, $118,900.

2715 Wesleyan Park Drive, Donna Lyles to Lauren Coomes, $120,000.

3619 Hawthorne Drive, Mary Nugent to Casey Cobb and Jillian Bartlett, $95,500.

203 East 24th Street, Rebecca and James Vanover to Harper Lashbrook, $106,000.

200 East 23rd Street, Margaret Huston to James and Rebecca Vanover, $140,000.

2006 Fernwood Drive, Richard and Alice Boarman to Lynja Malone, $170,000.

6440 Valley Brook Trace, Liza Hall and David Holcomb to Amanda and Aaron Gray, $168,700.

4818 Bernheim Drive, Jan Bazemore to Kristin Slack, $159,900.

2323 Stratford Drive North, Travis and Rachel Clark to Lee Ann Moss, $219,000.

3540 Becker Drive, Matthew Howard and Melaina Allgood to Kaylib Selby, $124,900.

3775 Legacy Run, Courtney Wilhoyte to Doi and Seng Nu, $139,900.

2413 Strickland Drive, Terri and Vicki McCoy to Jasmine Moorman, $129,000.

6410 Walnut Court, Brandon Loyd to Cody Wallace, $88,294.

1921 Oak Avenue, Hallie Embery to Donald Brown, $81,500.

338 Wilder Drive, Helen Richardson to 719 Properties LLC, $70,000.

4735 Breeze Court West, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Kristy and Thomas Nalley, $269,488.

9722 Parks Road, Dwayne Heifner to Nathaniel Heifner, $40,000.

2821 Blueberry Lane, Timothy and Diane Wendt to Joshua and Lori Roberson, $128,900.

6600 Autumn Creek, Joseph Payne to Casey and Carri Moser, $227,500.

4523 Indian Creek Loop, Neal and Lexie Pagan to Edward Jr. and Nannette Parish, $335,000.

7068 Highway 144, James Jr. and Debra Mayfield to Josh and Sarah Michaels, $65,000.

4333 Springhill Drive, PartA LLC to PartB LLC, $500,000.

3144 Harness Loop, Mary Stallings to Kenneth Newsome Jr., $158,000.



August 26, 2019 | 10:40 pm

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