Real Estate Transfers: Dec. 16, 2019

December 24, 2019 | 10:52 am

Updated December 24, 2019 | 10:52 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Dec. 11 and Dec. 16:


512 Booth Avenue, Matthew and Amber Gray to The Wayne Group LLC, $132,000.

5434 Park Haven Bend, K S B LLC to Angela Parkerson, $249,900.

5215 West 5th Street Road, Byron and Anna Williams to Zachary and Jennifer Gunder, $102,500.

4 Club Grounds Drive, Vijender and Namita Gopal to Tim Waninger, $500,000.

2624 Griffith Avenue South, Robert and Jessica Bumgardner to Alfred and Judith Mattingly, $98,000.

48 Acres on Potts Road, Frances Johnson to Michael Castlen, $72,600.

1915 East 22nd Street, Jiang Shufel to Shuix Lan, $52,000.

2777 McFarland Avenue, Charles and Emma Page to Mary Page, $70,000.

1101 Burlew Boulevard, Kpassa Keystone LLC to Belmont Village Apartments LLC, $5,500,000.

2116 Center Street, Gerald and Diana Kinison to Herald Kinison, $49,000.

1552 Oak Park Drive, Mark and Terrie Gabis to Robert and Sandra Werner, $318,400.

1738 East 26th Street, Kimmie Embry to Robert Henning, $124,900.

8044 Old Highway 54, Ashlyn Stout and Dwayne Stout to Jonathan Sloan, $125,000.

2531 Avenue of the Parks, Jennifer Martin to George and Agnes Lanham, $271,000.

906 Walnut Drive, Nick and Crystal Tuttle to Pauline Mays, $160,900.

4220 Nina Drive, Thomas and Cynthia Gunter to Michael and Leigh Nantz, $225,000.

3300 Girl Scout Road, Joseph Moran, Jr. to Martin III and Tara Tanner, $230,000.

70 Woodford Avenue, Alan Zambrano to Kent Estep, $40,000.

2541 Palomino Place, Ashley Scott to Joseph and Stephanie Elder, $225,000.

1512 Frederica Street, Puzzle Pieces Inc. to T J Property Group LLC, $425,000.

4532 Bridle Ridge Court, Norman and Tammy Morgan to Lars and Amanda King, $209,000.

4314 Loft Cove, James and Carolyn Kassinger to William Ferguson, $62,000.

4726 Bernheim Drive, Arlando and Jami Johnson to Rose Richard and Evan Gogel, $159,900.

4648 Strickland Drive, Lars King to John and Peggy Laney, $135,000.

3600 Gallant Fox Court, Joseph Elder to Joseph Moran, Jr., $159,000.

5356 Highway 60 West, Equity Trade & Relocation Co. to Thomas and Cynthia Gunter, $230,000.

2260 Meadowhill Lane, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Ronald and Laura Edmonson, $248,000.

2936 Meadowland Drive, Ryan Settle to John and Stephanie Mobley, $110,000.

1828 Fawn Drive, Zachary and Sasha Erwin to Brandi and Scott Haynes, $195,000.


December 24, 2019 | 10:52 am

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