Real Estate Transfers: Dec. 2, 2019

December 10, 2019 | 1:54 pm

Updated December 10, 2019 | 1:54 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Nov. 20 and Dec. 2:


4775 Winkler Road, Laura and Ashley Kratzer to John and Monica Rightmyer, $143,000.

4499 Cool Springs Cove, Matthew Walker and Thomas White to James Martin, $390,000.

38.45 Acres on Highway 334, Frances Johnson to Mark A. Johnson LLC, $192,250.

1227 Independence Avenue, Marian Cooper to Olivia Cooper, $50,000.

3029 Allen Street, Charlotte and Kenneth Hobson to Vickie Ferguson, $90,000.

3025 Daviess Street, Henrietta Nesmith to Vickie Ferguson, $90,000.

9345 Highway 60 West, Ira Embry to Jermy Embry, $20,000.

22.2 Acres on Upper River Road, Frances Johnson to Wesley and Jennifer Poole, $139,860.

10840 Highway 231, Caleb and Jessica Potter to Daniel and Samantha Crowe, $265,000.

2049 Viola Gardens, Nancy Adams to Jimmie Sigers, $135,000.

2585 Palomino Place, Neil, Jr. and Jessica Fogle to Geoffrey and Leslye Patton, $227,000.

2813 Summer Pointe Court, Heather Hagan to David Boarman, $179,900.

2161 Tamarack Road, Willie Richards to Frank Bertke III, $100,000.

2415 Thornton Avenue, Jimmy and Patricia Howell to Michael Sturgeon, $131,900.

4020 Carpenter Drive, Brandon Bland to Coppage Rentals LLC, $69,000.

6952 Highway 56, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Michael and Emily Cissell, $187,000.

3167 Steeplechase, Gerald and Betty Couden to Gregory and Laurie Payne, $193,900.

3130 Commonwealth Court, Michael Martin to Hared and Jamie Martin, $120,000.

3619 Placid Place East, Kevin Kabalen to William McManus, $133,400.

2219 Secretariat Drive, Sandra Hamilton to Shain Hudgens, $130,000.

2617 Wisteria Gardens, Elissa Johnson to Robin Nest LLC, $100,000.

1670 Starlite Drive, The Kroger Co. to R G C Southeast Properties LLC, $5,014,000.

4071 Pleasant Valley Road, Gregory and Laurel Jacobs to Matthew and Margaret Carter, $540,000.

447 Highway 1554, Richard and Shirley Fulkerson to Hailey Schoonove, $100,000.

2010 Oak Avenue, Layman Conder to John Shown, $89,900.

7916 Laketown Road, William and Deborah Daupert to Neil, Jr. and Jessica Fogle, $175,000.

1924 Fleming Avenue, Jennifer Sevcik to David and Margaret Hamilton, $92,000.

3136 Daviess Street, D L K Properties LLC to Martha Vanover, $97,500.

3329 Shadewood Terrace, Richard and Judith Greenwell to Vivian and Stephen McNatton, $315,100.

1000 East 21st Street, James and Janet Irwin to 37 North Properties LLC, $32,500.

411 Highland Court East, William and Linda Lashbrook to Cody Steward, $94,000.

2207 Southeastern Parkway, Larry Boyle to Chad and Andrea Rise, $165,500.

2314 Cedar Street, Jeffrey Payne to William and Deborah Daupert, $160,000.

525 Highway 140 East, Gerald McCarthy to Daniel Willett, $165,000.

7074 Highway 231, Jenna Mitchell to Joshua and Aubrie Mitchell, $120,000.

4212 Jefferson Street, Bigger Barns LLC to Paula Wiseman, $60,000.

1215 Castlewood Place, Jacob Eagleson to Sandra and Stephen Magan, $137,000.

2833 Cheyenne Drive, Beverly Hawkins to J N J Rental Properties LLC, $90,000.

414 Newbury Court, Ray and Jenny Jones to Brent and Kery Roberts, $158,000.

2342 Trails Lake Garden, Kelsey Napper to Rachel Gayhart, $157,000.

6328 Autumn Valley Trace, Chad and Doni Hornsby to Jacob and Mary Eagleson, $192,500.

1824 Hughes Avenue, ShaRaya and Anthony Wagner to Keith and Janet Parson, $74,000.

5351 Ashland Avenue, Melissa Philpott to Matha and Joseph Bickett, $79,900.

255 Booth Field Road, Roxanne Aull to Cristian and Paula Cristurean, $258,000.

525 East 22nd Street, Gene and Nancy Clark to Wynter Keller, $95,000.

4685 Forest Drive, Hayden Clark Homes LLC to Charles III and Jaclyn Runtz, $374,900.

250 Chestnut Grove Road North, Justin and Julie Bridgmon to Eddie and Carla Waller, $340,000.




December 10, 2019 | 1:54 pm

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