Real Estate Transfers: Feb. 20, 2023

February 20, 2023 | 8:57 am

Updated February 20, 2023 | 8:57 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 3 and Feb. 13:

1821 Hillvalley Circle, Buskill Properties to Upper V LLC, $550,000.

4252 Ryeland Point, Daniel Potts to Serenity Hospitality, Inc., $185,000.

120 East 17th Street, Chigger Point Trust to Serenity Hospitality, Inc., $142,900.

2811 South Hampton Road, Bobby McKinley to Tara and Timothy Goodman, $245,500.

1315 Gardendale Avenue, Robert and Carol Crowe to Mariemilia Harrell, $105,000.

4307 Loft Cove, Charlotte Pircher to Ashley Ware, $96,900.

50 Acres on Highway 662, James and Patty Miller to Craig and Stacy Jones, $325,000.

5479 Ruidoso Loop, George Keller to RFIX LLC, $10,000.

1120 Crabtree Avenue, Raange Investments LLC to Ohio Valley Leasing LLC, $650,000.

11659 Utopia Road, Frank and Judith Schadler to Michael and Hannah McCarthy, $28,000.

9883 Oak Street, Bernard Clark to Lori Clark, $115,000.

12563 Highway 1389, Charles and Pamela Dawson to Jasen and Carrie Chanley, $73,500.

2009 Little Stream Run, Lesley and Eric Mulligan to Jay Newcom and Allison Browning, $270,000.

2208 Village Run, David Payne to Timothy Belcher and Jane Moore, $180,000.

535 Bolivar Street, Harini Mahendrakar to Khaibar Shafaq, $50,000.

9325 Highway 60 West, Ivy Morris to Ronald and Jacqueline Ward, $15,000.

1630 West 12th Street, Leslie and Ruby Burris to Ray and Jean Carden, $40,000.

3218 Bridle Way, Jennifer Young and Derek Schmaltz to Nathaniel and Lakeista Belcher, $215,000.

1218 East 18th Street, Pranjel LLC to WFC LLC, $30,000.

706 Hall Street, FRF Investments LLC to Jimitkumar and Hemanginiben Patel, $116,000.

4838 Cambridge Drive, Linda Roberts to Julia Lyle, $69,000.

537 Dalton Street, David Berry Testamentary Trust to Steven and Karen Pryor, $135,000.

4462 Springhill Drive, Equity Trade & Relocation Co., Inc. to Kelly Deviney, $277,999.

2327 Crescent Hill Court, Ryan and Sierra Parrish to Courtney and Aaron Lynn, $270,000.

6381 Autumn Valley Trace, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Christopher and Anna Arp, $236,000.

4530 Indian Creek Loop, Jessica Lashbrook to Forrest Ayer, $330,000.

1313 Wayside Drive, Treychip Enterprises LLC to J & PB Holdings Company LLC, $130,000.

5851 Wayne Bridge Road, Chad and Amy Hardin to James and Eileen Courtney, $190,000.

6034 Hayden Bridge Road, Dan Thomas Custom Homes LLC to Bryce Burger and Carissa James, $50,000.

12001 Highway 764, Roger Sharp to William Widner, $159,934.

9247 Highway 231, Arthur Leach and Jason Chinn to Cloey Hoffman and Andrew Hall, $155,500.

6657 Kingston Drive, Lon and Anne Steinbeck to Roger and Georgia Pons, $430,000.

2400 Calumet Trace, GW Development, Inc. to Michael and Kim Simpson, $875,500.

6590 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Sherry Seger, $295,115.

9960 Collier Road, Jacob and Olivia Baker to Jordan and Halie Merritt, $45,000.

1612 Robin Road, M&W Rentals LLC to John and Holly McCormack, $50,000.

1733 Burdette Court, Rainbow Rentals LLC to Kizzy Vargas, $128,000.

5400 Haycraft Road, William and Lois Kuegel to Blake and Leanna Baggerly, $225,000.

4566 Cove Point, Maria and Justin Goatee to Brandon Blythe, $190,000.

3216 Russell Road, Thomas and Patricia Riney to Hayward and Diana Murray, $252,000.

February 20, 2023 | 8:57 am

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