Real Estate Transfers: Feb. 25, 2020

March 2, 2020 | 9:17 pm

Updated March 2, 2020 | 9:17 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 20 to Feb. 25:


606 East 23rd Street, Mary Aull to Mike and Kelly Stinnett, $78,000.

2854 Avenue of the Parks, Wesley Johnson to Matthew and Jennifer Lucas, $174,750.

319 East 21st Street, Steven and Deborah Crone to N & G Legacy Estates LLC, $61,500.

1747 Virginia Court, Steven and Deborah Crone to N & G Legacy Estates LLC, $61,500.

4072 Reliant Circle, Michael and Frances Epperson to Terry and Andrea Matthews, $80,000.

203 East 22nd Street, Vincent Dick to Lee and Donna Gardner, $80,000.

3061 Waterside Way, Ronald Payne to Robert Debiak, $290,000.

4830 Bernheim Drive, Joshua Davis to Drew Adkins and Katelyn McCarthy, $174,000.

3227 Steeplechase, Noel Jr. and Desiree Maxwell to Jansen and Katherine Hidenrite, $225,900.

5297 Pleasant Valley Road, Colby and Audra Dorroh to Keith and Natasha Staples, $105,000.

530 East 27th Street, Justin Rightmyer to Mitchell and Sheridan Jones, $87,000.

2825 Flamingo Avenue, Joseph Smith to Donielle Howard and Jonathan Jones, $84,000.

2934 Aldersgate, Tamarra Miller to Vicki Mattingly, $145,900.

501 Montgomery Avenue, Jeffrey Martin to Anthony Gerteisen, $47,400.

3557 London Pike, James and Robin Fowler to Wesley and Kristy Johnson, $245,000.

1919 Lexington Avenue, Dan Griffith Revocable Trust to Dan and Beverly Griffith, $408,500.

3832 Dell Court, Morris and Sidney Henderson to Hasan and Su Ali, $147,000.

250 Chestnut Grove Road North, Eddie and Carla Waller to Terry and Lisa Durham, $345,000.

2310 Donau Court, William and Mary Coomes to Elizabeth and Kyle Freels, $199,900.

6520 Spring Haven Trace, Amy Turley to William and Mary Coomes, $231,000.

4853 Sturbridge Place, Ohio Valley Properties LLC to Abbie Griffin, $119,900.

409 Griffith Avenue, Waitman Taylor, Jr. to Arlington Magnolia Partners LLC, $280,000.

2231 Hoop Jr. Court, Russel and Thelma Brown to Rhoads Investments LLC, $118,000.

2010 Lewis Lane, Matthew and Angela Morris to Logan Weber, $118,000.

368 Camden Circle, Anthony and Crystal Kennedy to Joshua Ferguson and Charity Carter, $164,900.



March 2, 2020 | 9:17 pm

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