Real Estate Transfers: Nov. 12, 2019

November 18, 2019 | 8:23 am

Updated November 18, 2019 | 8:23 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Nov. 4 and Nov. 12:


3068 Stirrup Loop, Lillian Keiningham to Timothy Keiningham et al, $197,900.

53.3 Acres on Highway 81, Jane Duke to Jacob Glenn, $320,000.

629 Chuck Gray Court, Charlotte Knott et al to Mark, Jr. and Anndrea Mahoney, $72,750.

5340 Summercrest Drive, Andrea Higgs to Thomas Bullington, $179,000.

3831 Steele Drive, Kirtley Morton Allen Family Trust to Wesscott Properties LLC, $53,000.

5021 Sturbridge Place, Stacey Carter, Brandon Bland, and Damian Bland to Timothy McGregor, $138,000.

723 Dornell Street, Sheryl Carrico et al to Harini Cardwell, $65,000.

826 WEst 12th Street, Ruby Edge to Jim Barr Enterprises LLC, $29,000.

1619 Breckenridge Street, Judith and Gerald Nelson to Reeds Overhead Doors LLC, $92,000.

502 Fleetwood Drive, Amber Mason and Roger Calhoun to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $28,000.

1010 Audubon Avenue, James Cunningham to George and Cynthia Johnson, $58,000.

1926 Eaton Avenue, Maurice Burton to Joyce Edwards, $225,152.

 4629 Pleasant Grove Road, William, Jr. and Donna Morgan to Benjamin and Kelsey Rhodes, $365,000.

2141 Summer Walk, Neil and Kristi Hayden to David and Devon Ford, $212,400.

235 Church Street, Adam Brannum et al to Jake Conder, $84,000.

4080 Pine Lake Court, Daniel and Jennifer Baldwin to Jeffrey and Amy Andrini, $280,000.

2800 Newbolt Road, Joseph Hardy, Jr. to Joseph Hardy, $675,000.

63.9 Acres on Pleasant Valley Road, Joseph, Jr. and Joseph Hardy to Joseph Hardy and Mary Berry, $142,500.

4080 Fields Road, Joseph Hardy, Jr. to Joseph Hardy, $640,000.

1002 Highway 140 West, Joseph Hardy to Joseph Hardy and Mary Berry, $500,000.

41 Acres on Pleasant Valley Road, Guy Hardy to Mary Berry and James Dunn, $545,000.

69 Acres on Millers Mill Road, Guy Hardy to Joseph and Janet Hardy, $82,500.

2315 Twenty Grand Avenue, Coneathea Smith-Derr to Madalyn Story and Ronald Weissend, $194,900.

3901 Hayden Road, Guy Hardy to Mary Berry and Jane Dunn, $385,000.

2838 Strawbridge Place, Eric and Tammy Henry to Tatum Chapman, $149,900.

5550 Mulberry Place, Tonya Moorman to Eric and Tammy Henry, $245,000.

2617 Spendthrift Cove, Carla Barr to Jessica and Logan Stovall, $189,000.

5317 Summercrest Drive, Michael Richard to Samuel Knott, $169,900.

2697 Wisteria Gardens, Logan Stovall to John Embry, $115,000.

1011 Peninsula Court, Samuel Lipscomb, Jr. to Shirley and Ryan Pfaff, $105,000.

2669 Wisteria Gardens, Joshua and Shayna Thompson to Thomas Whittaker and Hayden Brown, $108,000.

1323 Deep Wood Court, Brandi Devore to Sanjaybhai Kachiya, $220,000.

1635 Springdale Drive, Jaclyn Underhill to Cameron and Mary Jackson, $154,000.

2425 Krauss Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $34,500.

4771 Windstone Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc, $44,250.

943 West 1st Street, McDonough Family Land LP to Bradley McDonough, $98,000.

1307 Jackson Street,  Robin Smith Life Estate to Neissy Diaz, $30,600.

4118 Harbor Hills Trace, Zackary and Amanda Kauffeld to Ethan and Jamie Fulkerson, $132,500.

404 West 8th Street, Conrad Toepher to Matthew Damin, $97,500.

703 Lafayette Drive, Ethan Fulkerson and Jamie Terry to Josh and Whitney Stinnett, $102,500.

7414 Short Station Road, Patricia Creswell to Sandra Nantz, $103,500.

2710 Circle Drive, Patty Boehman to Joel Wilcox, $135,501. 

1624 Lock Avenue, Kelly and Vicki Sadler to Michele Johnston, $235,000.

7779 Jack Hinton Road, Sandra Nantz to Austin Lee and Savannah Warren, $146,000.


November 18, 2019 | 8:23 am

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