Real Estate Transfers: Oct. 15, 2019

October 22, 2019 | 9:52 am

Updated October 22, 2019 | 9:52 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 8 and Oct. 15:


6208 Highway 144, Margaret Mills to Brandon and Tammy Belcher, $232,000.

45 Acres on Griffith Station Road, Charalambos and Nicholas Pavlas to Charalambos and Androniki Pavlas, $135,000.

8 Quail Ridge Court D, Steve Hamilton to Herman and Thelma Robicheaux, $82,500.

410 East 27th Street, Nicholas and Crystal Tuttle to Courtney Cantrell, $106,000.

5554 Highway 56, James and Dorothy Howell to Robert and Patricia Schrecker, $200,000.

6491 Valley Brook Trac, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Laurie and Michael Kelley, $171,808.

4114 Farmington Court, Charles Armstrong to Preston and Molly Simms, $129,000.

3858 Locust Hill Drive, Bobbi and Mark Kenady to Jeron Maynard, $180,000.

1807 Chesterfield Drive North, Steven and Loreen Champion and Evalyn Champion to Chase N Rainbow, $36,000.

2223 Griffith Avenue South, Cassandra Taylor to Kari Cecil, $130,000.

759 Haley Lane, Jeremy and Heather Rickard to Ray and Jenny Jones and MSL Investments LLC, $54,000.

2107 Meadowhill Lane, Dustie Frizzell to Jordan and Tami Evans, $181,500.

2602 Count Fleet Loop, Karen Posante to Per and Mary Reh, $149,900.

1011 East 16th Street, L. Steve Castlen Rentals LLC to Jerry Bailey, $39,000.

3320 Bryant Court, Melody Knight to Deobrah Thompson, $183,000.

3162 Alvey Park Drive West, Woodlands Investments LLC to Senior Green LLC, $400,000.

249 Chestnut Grove Road North, Brian Hofstrom to Bryson and Jenna Fulkerson, $325,000.

119 Perkins Lane, Elsie Blandford et al to Paul Keown, $32,000.

2358 Heartland Park, Cynthia Griffith to Zachary and Jacqueline Smith, $290,000.

 2113 McFarland Avenue, Lila Chapman and Flossie Walker to Peter and Elizabeth Sims, $20,000.

1624 Sweeney Street, Roy and Daisy James to Garry and Diane Lillpop, $38,000.

2642 Redford Drive, Nathan and Lindsey Turner to N 8 Holdings LLC, $105,000.

5717 Jack Hinton Road, Avery and Judy McDonald to Mark and Shelly Tyler, $117,500.

2031 Breckenridge Street, Jim and Jennifer Yeckering to Brian Langford, $108,500.

9365 Stanley Birk City Road, Anna Middleton to Angelica Colburn, $20,000.

529 Monterrey Drive, Harold Baker to Tiffani Henry, $61,000.

2817 Allen Street, Connor Anderson to Tyler Baity, $82,000.

3523 Roundtable Loop, Timothy and Brittany Steed to Equity Trade & Relocation Co., $160,000.

2216 Berkshire Drive, Nicholas Tharp to Michelle Hays, $135,000.

3632 Earls Lane, Rick and Carla York to E & R Property Management LLC, $125,000.

2203 Highway 144, Terry Stauik to Kristina and Douglas Miller, $72,900.

3245 Riders Row, Bruce and Jana Bryant to Timothy and Brittany Steed, $197,000.

2407 Hunt Avenue, Ben Miller and Donna Miller to Lai and Naw Kya, $139,000.

2272 Meadowhill Lane, Willard and Judy Peveler to Randy Hayden and Stephanie Martin, $230,000.


October 22, 2019 | 9:52 am

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