Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 11, 2019

September 16, 2019 | 1:21 pm

Updated September 16, 2019 | 1:21 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 4 and Sept. 11:


1719 Hill Avenue, Mary Atkinson to Jessica Dukes, $129,000.

3330 Adams Street, Mathew Lawrence Estate to Robert and Brandi McKinney, $95,000.

714 Shelborn Drive, Joe Hamilton to Delk Properties LLC, $95,000.

1105 Emerson Court, Daniel and Holly Gillan to Holly Widener, $70,000.

684 Ridgewood Street, Beverly Johnson to Larry and Patricia Murphy, $70,000.

723 Dalton Street, Logan and Victoria Kluck to Shoebox Investments LLC, $99,900.

2936 Legion Park Drive, George and Patsy Broadley to Kara Trogden, $96,500.

3130 Burlew Boulevard, Stone Street Properties LLC to SJC Properties LLC, $188,000.

2417 Strickland Drive, Sherry Peterson to Shoebox Investments LLC, $124,900.

613 Warwick Drive West, Martha Vanover to Yo and Soe Htoo, $145,800.

2440 Highland Garden Pointe, Christina Boarman to Angela Moore, $172,000.

409 Newbury Court, Alexander Hodskins to Jennifer Moorman, $162,500.

1403 Washington Avenue, John Payne, Sr. to David and Kathy Pruden, $26,500.

1107 Wing Avenue, PGB Investments to Victoria Meadows, $350,000.

1610 Mohawk Drive, George Jr. and Marsha Ballard to Logan Kluck and Melissa Carden, $149,900.

2913 Redford Drive, John and Dana Elliott to Spencer Russ, $130,000.

2319 Landsdowne South, Joseph Welsh Jr. to Veteran Properties LLC, $132,000.

2613 Wimsatt Court, William Crabtree and Ying Zhang to John Maurice, $39,500.

3762 Legacy Run, Patricia Harris to Shoebox Investments LLC, $147,900.

3934 Hawthorne Drive, M P C Land LLC to Robert and Marilyn Powers, $100,000.

604 Hill Avenue, Montgomery and Susan Doyle to Steven and Robin Lecates, $114,000.

2649 Victory Court East, Iris Brown to Cassandra Berry, $69,000.

3080 Highland Pointe Drive, Senior Green LLC to River Road Restaurants LLC, $700,000.

 814 Stone Street, Richard Jr. and Deborah Bogle to Hampton Carlisle Properties LLC, $20,000.

5503 Skyline Drive, Dylan and Shannon Henderson to Jamison and Caren Haynes, $231,000.

2530 East 10th Street, Robert Edge to Robert and Barbara Edge, $100,000.

816 Bolivar Street, Chelsea Pate and Andrew Pate to A & S Fam Services Company LLC, $15,000.

1618 West 3rd Street, William and Velma Jones to Nicholas Pavlas, $35,500.

1419 Gilbert Lane, James and Sheila Sparks to Nicholas Pavlas, $70,000.

2106 Griffith Place East, Rhonda Foster to Barbara Roach, $195,000.

2329 West 9th Street, Derrick Glover to Tate Swanagan, $99,900.

6291 Valley Brook Trace, David Smith, Sr. to Daniel and Ileana Frazier, $208,000.

1917 Standish Place, Carolyn Bowlds to Donna May, $142,900.

2015 McFarland Avenue, Andrew Lanham and Connie Banks to Marie Enterprises LLC, $25,000.

4324 Yewells Landing West, Barbara Best to Matthew Higdon and Katilin Hopper, $159,900.

3512 Royal Drive, James and Mary Daniel Life Estate to Ram Hnin, $187,000.

6279 Valley Brook Trace, Tristan Hopper to Susan Fenwick, $179,900.

201 Carter Road, Jon Taylor and Jennifer Stebbins to Green Valley Development Inc., $420,000.

3108 Huntington Place, Bruce Wimsatt to Tammy Wimsatt, $210,000.

3842 Garden Terrace, Hugh Sturgeon to Daniel Lanham, $155,000.

2424 Strickland Drive, Ernest and Sheri Blair to Felicia Nall, $127,900.

622 Bolivar Street, Ballards Development LLP to Brent and Melanie Ballard, $45,900.

1207 East 6th Street, Federal National Mortgage Association to Amanda Goatee, $75,500.

720 Crittenden Street, Bethany Spencer to Beau Branson, $130,000.


September 16, 2019 | 1:21 pm

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