Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 30, 2019

October 7, 2019 | 3:00 pm

Updated October 8, 2019 | 8:46 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 20 and Sept. 30:


2311 Blossom Court, Megan Payne to Bradley and Vanessa Rowan, $215,000.

2739 Lookout Drive, Kimberly Gregory to John, Jr. and Diane Howard and John Howard III, $153,500.

1335 Claranette Court Unit 3, Richard Konkol to T G Holdings LLC, $50,000.

2321 Pin Oak Drive, Mary Stites to Ashlyn Vessels and Terri Holland, $135,000.

707 Carter Road, Donna Snyder to Roy Snyder, $63,600.

4117 Mason Woods Lane, John and Rebecca Helmers to Larry and Susan Horner, $185,000.

2109 Village Pointe Court, William and Holly McIntyre to Darby Midkiff, $140,000.

2406 Cherokee Drive South, James and Susan Howard to James and Melinda Richeson, $105,517.

3424 Woodlane Drive, James and Wanda Edge to Christopher and Valerie Elliott, $169,900.

12339 Highway 764, Joseph Carmon to Hunter House, $107,500.

4220 Eagle Ridge Court, Bradley and Amber Docimo to Bruce and Suzanne Sook, $395,000.

3220 Chickasaw Drive, Joan Saalwachter to Ruby and George Mason, $115,000.

1723 Sterling Valley Drive, Larry and Susan Horner to Michael Spalding, $279,900.

2715 Avenue of the Parks, Roy and Tammy Brown to Charles and Jessica Long, $305,000.

1642 Springdale Drive, Charles and Mignon Backstrom to Tammy and Roy Brown, $190,000.

2209 Landing Meadows, Ben and Joan Boswell to T E K Enterprises LLC, $105,000.

4127 Harbor Hills Trace, Danett Burden to Diana Ramirez and Ruby Ramirez, $155,000.

3013 Yellowstone Drive East, James and Donna Hagan to Michael Wathen, $115,000.

4405 Thruston Dermont Road, Andrew and Brittani Russ to Devon and Laura Newton, $179,000.

1212 Maple Avenue, Crabtree Holdings LLC to Daniel and Jill Gray, $220,000.

1688 Parkdale Drive South, Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro to Nivea Malone, $67,500.

4304 Landsdowne North, Carrico Congleton Property LLC to Weldon Mauzy, Jr., $147,900.

4700 Pecan Ridge Court, Larry and Jenny Shadowen to Kimberly and Brian Angel, $237,000.

3938 Normandy Drive, Brian and Stephanie Rowan to Kelly Warren, $194,000.

421 Stableford Circle, Robert and Lisa Cooley to Adrian Bambini, $264,000.

1716 Monohon Avenue, Shelbi November to Michael and Lisa Mello, $60,000.

5519 Goldenrod Lane, Jacob and Samantha Floyd to Brian and Stephanie Rowan, $179,800.

2104 Village Pointe Court, Kelly Warren to Nancy Middleton, $142,000.

3847 Thresher Street, Barbara Moss to Lay Moo, $149,900.

524 Birkhead Avenue, Nathan Riley to Madeline Allen, $89,900.

3929 Brentwood Drive, William Rivers to Jessica and Joseph Swanson, $119,000.

4753 Whistle Rock Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $28,750.

4753 Whistle Rock Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Marissa Matthews, $168,541.

4523 Bernheim Drive, James Donaldson to Timothy Epple, $169,000.

906 Walnut Park Drive, Jason Phipps and May Embry to Nick and Crystal Tuttle, $65,000.

1227 West 12th Street, Rachael Keelin to William Wimsatt, $60,000.

8028 Barnett Road, Carmel McLeod to William Wimsatt, $84,900.

1417 West 3rd Street, Tammy Alexander to Schwartz Rentals LLC, $30,000.

1977 Whispering Meadows Drive, Jason and Christina Alban to Matthew and Sara Lisby, $262,000.

3843 Thresher Street, Matthew and Sara Lisby to Lana and James Wink, $141,500.

1747 East 26th Street, David and Dorothy Smithson to William and Brenda Wathen, $93,500.

1924 Lexington Avenue, Paul and Kaylie Clark to John and Bailey Kirkland, $460,000.

225 Covington Ridge Drive, Richard and Linda Romero to Charles and Nancy Lanham, $35,000.

3660 Limestone Drive, Martin and Valerie Reel to Jared and Jaime Martin, $75,000.

12501 Highway 764, James Fleming to Wilfred Jr. and Angela Rummage, $180,000.

11211 Highway 662, Wilfred Jr. and Angela Rummage to Jodie Blake, $293,000.

10723 Sauer Lane, Marjorie Dunn to Stephen Coomes, $125,000.

6852 Creekview Court East, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $36,225.

6852 Creekview Court East, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Eric and Marissa Smith, $252,383.

506 East 5th Street, Shirley Nall to King Painting, Inc., $50,000.

2116 Westerfield Lane, Michael Bosley and Paula Martin and Cynthia Clark to Lynn and Shane Kahkola, $110,000.

3512 Plaudit Place, Bonita and Carroll Quisenberry to Michael and Peggy Brown, $117,900.

3912 Rudy Martin Drive, Leah Embry to Douglas and Layal Wathen, $119,900.

2235 Tamarack Road, Jerry, Sr. and Pamela Crabtree to Samantha Singh, $66,600.

4100 Nina Drive, KSB LLC to David and Clare McBrayer, $244,900.

4531 Oakhurst Bend, David and Catherine Graham to Brent and Heather Hampton, $433,000.

7205 Roy Wells Road, John, Jr. and Kara Miller to Jack, Jr. and Dorothy Wall, $240,000.

4144 Mayflower Drive, Michelle Hoffman to Todd King and Elizabeth Bradley, $205,000.

4436 Hunters Trace, Tina Clark to Brian Stewart, $165,000.

3315 Adams Street, Brian and Samatha Fulkerson to Donita Lucas, $96,900.

627 East 23rd Street, Gary and Donna Pickrell to Jason and Cathy Pickrell, $16,700.

2226 Veach Road, Gary and Donna Pickrell to Jason and Cathy Pickrell, $33,300.

2220 Veach Road, Gary and Donna Pickrell to Jason and Cathy Pickrell, $89,000.

724 Carter Road, David and Mary Jane Strehl to D F & K Rentals LLC, $67,000.

1341 Payne Avenue, Billie and Vince Wilhite to Michael and Marla Hayden, $60,000.

4507 Barrington Place, Edward and Jonny Blondin to Aung and Poe Kyaw, $168,900.

10901 Highway 231, David and Tamantha Hickey to Peter and Mindy Clark, $165,000.

243 Fern Hill Drive, Jennifer and Jason Key to Christopher and Samantha Riley, $289,900.

2515 Cherokee Drive South, Christopher and Samantha Riley to Paige and Otis Sowders, $147,900.

314 Camden Circle, Joseph and Lillian Stofer to Troy and Kelci Duncan, $189,000.

1925 Celebration Circle, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Georgia Gist, $340,000.

4853 Sturbridge Place, Erika Massie to Ohio Valley Properties LLC, $67,500.

2409 Haviland Drive, Donita Lucas to Alisa Hamilton, $97,500.

3424 Dove Loop South, Chaney Jeffries-Mayer to Logan and Ashleigh Bell, $120,000.

2260 Meadowhill Lane, Paula Greer to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $232,650.

5250 Haycraft Road, William Kuegel to Marcia Carpenter, $300,000.

4700 Lonesome Pine Trail, Ione Jones to Tammy Ambs, $64,000.


October 7, 2019 | 3:00 pm

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