Business Licenses: Jan. 3, 2022

January 3, 2022 | 9:20 am

Updated January 3, 2022 | 9:20 am

The following business licenses were issued between Dec. 20 and Dec. 23:

Precision Earthworks, 441 Hill Bridge Road, Utica, landscaping services

Drew Stinnett Counseling, 2816 Veach Road, Owensboro, offices of physicians, mental health specialists

David’s Lawn Care, 619 Belmar Drive, Owensboro, landscaping services

John Clouse Consulting, 2228 North Stratford Drive, Owensboro, administrative management and consulting services

Media Services Payroll LLC, Burbank, California, payroll services

504 Roofing LLC, 508 Fleetwood Street, Owensboro, roofing contractors

Whitworth Environmental Services, 4132 Poplar Log Bridge Road, Philpot, hazardous waste treatment and disposal

Hot Cruz Buns, 279 Redbud Road, Owensboro, food service contractors

Sara Duke, 308 Swordfish Drive, Owensboro, other individual and family services

The Frozen Lounge, 1738 Sweeney Street, Owensboro, drinking places (alcoholic beverages)

January 3, 2022 | 9:20 am

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