Real Estate Transfers: Jan. 24, 2019

February 11, 2019 | 10:08 am

Updated February 11, 2019 | 10:08 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Jan. 1 and Jan. 24:


1503 Hill Avenue, Kenny Puckett to Patty Coppage and Kelly Jo Puckett, $30,910.

7418 Saur Road, Larry and Julie Johnson to Equity Trade & Relocation Company, $155,800.

5715 Old Highway 54, Roger and Anna Fuqua to Crandall Properties LLC, $18,414.

3510 Becker Drive, Sarah and David Shelton to Gary and Margaret Boswell, $91,600.

939 Carter Road, Royalty Rental Investments LLC to Curtis Payne Jr., $86,000.

2733 West 5th Street, Patricia Small et al to New Life Holding LLC, $93,756.

216 Maple Street, George and Brenda Tooley to Carston Management Inc., $31,000.

6450 Spring Haven Trace, Woodland Ridge Development Inc. to Ballards Development LLP, $33,900.

2432 Tamarack Road, Shelton Brothers Enterprises LLC to Jarred McBrayer, $88,500.

1012 Holly Avenue, Mrs. Henry Schwartz to Big Blue Properties LLC, $75,000.

7746 Old Highway 54, William Fulkerson to Lucas Fulkerson, $155,000.

1720 Monohon Avenue, Denise Pace to Maximino Rubio and Ana Matias, $65,900.

1912 Fleming Avenue, True Son Properties LLC to Christopher and Taylor Johnsen, $136,000.

500 East 20th Street, Bobby Hall to Linda Merritt and Brian Kimberlin, $90,000.

3626 Marseille Drive, Wayne and Charlene Myers to Seth and Andrea Sharp, $163,900.

418 Center Street, Nicholas and Crystal Tuttle to Noel Jr. and Desire Maxwell, $47,000.

2531 Iroquois Drive, Kasey Hardin and Michael Zogg to Victoria and Yasmani Ochoa and Mitchell Manofsky, $132,400.

5404 Hiahleah Court, Marilee Stinnett to Steven Edge, $13,133.

1831 East 19th Street, Robert Whitaker Life Estate to Charles Smith, $79,900.

2266 Ponder Place, Kennethia Farris and John Hast to Jonathan Abramson, $140,000.

6700 Luther Taylor Road, Barbara Richards to William Fulkerson, $160,000.

3995 Brookside Court, Linda Boone to Barbara Richards, $170,000.

19 Quail Ridge Court A, Sandra Clark to Charles and Josephine Stamper, $150,000.

5012 Grandview Drive, Norma Rickard to Leonard and Karen Sprankle, $45,000.

7859 Highway 405, Letitia Hawes to Kristy and Brandon Collishaw, $234,000.

4839 King Road, Kristy Collishaw to Jesse Hagan and Joe and Joan Hagan, $140,000.

4602 Wyndcrest Drive, Lois Keugel to Daviess County, $172,500.

3579 Chambers Street, Bryan and Jan Ward to Jared and Krista Padgett, $179,000.

3827 Jefferson Street, Frantz Construction Inc. to Robert Jones, $105,900.

1903 Lydia Drive, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael and Marilyn Jackson, $76,100.

280 Chestnut Grove Road North, Todd and Heather Dant to Jonathan and Angel Tindle, $90,000.

10797 Green Street, Melissa Hagan to David Conder, $12,000.

4629 Crescent Hill Drive, Julian Jr. and Patricia Hayden to Brett and Jamie Bisel, $395,000.

907 Parkway Drive South, Ronald and Jewel Clark to Gregory and Dana Hall, $130,000.

713 Regina Court, Kari White and Miller White Jr. to K A H Properties LLC, $34,000.

312 Stockton Drive, James II and Lisa Edge to Michael and Madison Cisneros, $118,500.

6585 Foster Road, Rachel Gilmore to Joseph Sr. and Jean Wedding, $103,278.

2616 Victory Court West, James Bruton to David Blythe and Sean Bruton, $36,000.

2110 Carpenter Drive, Mark and Martha Abshier to Another Coppage Rentals LLC, $106,000.

4218 Settlers Point, Anita Hayden to Paola Clem, $125,000.

4622 Wyndcrest Drive, Joseph and Teena Pearl to Daviess County, $120,000.

810 Hill Avenue, Michael White to Brandon and Debbie Barber, $110,000.

4006 Horseshoe Trace, Brandon and Tracy Whistle to Patty Coppage, $250,000.

6357 Little Hickory Road, Daniel and Debra Phillips to Jeffrey and Elaine Berry, $40,000.

2408 Hillbrooke Parkway, Emily Beth Bryant Revocable Trust to Brian and Holly Mason, $330,000.

2126 York Drive, Rebekah Miller to Jordan Grant, $ 137,000.

4729 Thruston Dermont Road, Ray and Jenny Jones to Johnny Smith, $148,000.

10780 McCamish Road, Lucas and Angela Case to Justin Howard, $159,000.

500 Booth Avenue, Katheryn Enot to Windward Ventures LLC, $124,500.

610 Dornell Street, Open Door Properties LLC to Deryan McHenry, $66,400.

4587 Honeysuckle Lane, Pat Yager to Bryan and Abbie Daniel, $605,000.

7841 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, Dennis and Sherry Duke to Patricia Martin, $19,000.

5825 Pleasant Valley Road, Colby and Audra Dorroh to Jude Steele, $147,000.

1316 Hathaway Street, Paul Dukes to Gary and Diane Lillpop, $54,000.

4603 Wyndcrest Drive, Donnie and Roberta Harris to Daviess County, $104,000.

3020 Creek Branch Cove, Austin and Rachel Foreman to Karl and Tanya Irish, $245,000.

2384 Heritage Park Drive, Michelle Stallings to Samantha and Brian Fulkerson, $146,500.

405 Tampa Drive, Troy Trogden to Luke Dickens, $76,300.

3501 London Pike, Joseph Goetz and Jill Strehl to Austin and Rachel Foreman, $285,000.

2411 Haviland Drive, John and Sandra Reed and Vanessa Reed to J M K Enterprises LLC, $75,900.

6552 Waterford Place, Bob Tarrants Jr. to Stacy and Richard Waltrip, $194,000.

46 Woodford Avenue, Jean Wade to RNRK Best Rentals LLC, $65,000.

111 East 23rd Street, Stephen and Stephanie Hardesty to Nickolas Smith, $149,000.

7920 Iceland Road, James and Diane Payne to Tanner Stroup and Sarah Pence, $157,000.

4227 Scotty Lane, Larry and Rebecca Hagan to Industrial Leasing Corp of Florida, $220,000.

2624 West 5th Street, James and Georgia Mitchell to E D M Property Management LLC, $32,000.

5415 Old Hartford Road, Martin Wilson to Joseph and Jill Goetz, $600,000.

7616 Highway 144, Rachel Gilmore Estate to James Jackson, $229,231.

1688 Parkdale Drive South, Lloyd Hinton to Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro, $8,000.

2868 Silver Creek Loop, Brian and Holly Mason to Brea and Lindsay Basham, $198,000.

2521 Windsor Avenue, Virginia Ballard to Darrell Stone, $100,000.

1414 Waverly Place, Shane and Caroline Satterfield to Don Jackson and Angela Herman, $228,000.

2405 Downing Drive, Holly Jackson to Dillon Donahue, $119,000.

8505 Highway 144, Christopher Willard to Michael Basham, $104,900.

1738 Moseley Street, R L Wilson Masonry Inc. to Fresh by Genes Food Truck LLC, $300,000.

2126 Griffith Place West, Nicholas and Cynthia Settles to Jayson and Allison Fallin, $285,000.

2063 Spring Creek Trace, Randall and Pamela Nichols to Timothy and Channell Hood, $220,000.

4533 Loftwood Drive, Mark and Pamela Coomes to Stephan Hardesty and Stephanie Bumm, $233,000.

2907 Tanglewood Drive, Spencer Riney to Cayla Trout, $140,500.

5111 Garnet Court, Rodrigo and Jeannie Luciano to Lucas and Angela Case, $216,000.

4318 Yewells Landing West, John Walker Irrevocable Trust to Randal and Theresa Norris, $145,000.

2411 Stratford Drive South, Jayson Fallin to James Goodwin, $192,000.

1644 Chapel Lane, Joseph and Sara Anderson to Michael and Shelby White, $207,500.

2236 Twenty Grand Avenue, Parker and Erica Johnson to Steven Bakos, $142,000.

8800 Highway 431, Joseph and Rita Ballard to Donnie and Roberta Harris, $35,000.

7592 Highway 144, Rachel Gilmore to Gerald and Leann Smith, $185,000.

12930 Fullenwider Road, Stephen Fullenwider to Kevin and Susan Clark, $35,000.

7800 Highway 144, Gary and Margaret Boswell to Sydni Saalwaechter, $66,000.

2701 Allen Street, Jean Wade to Carston Management Inc., $47,000.

101 Plum Street, George Tooley to Carston Management Inc., $20,500.

6605 Foster, Rachel Gilmore Estate to David and Mary Ford, $83,680.

2216 Daniels Lane, Gary and Deborah Roberts to Dennis and Darlene Hagerman, $255,000.

511 West 12th Street, Clifford and Laurie McNab to Jared Funk, $97,900.

4506 Springhurst Lane, Leslie Schwindel to Michael and Debby Ward, $256,865.

4039 South Hampton Road, Carey and Angela Bertke to Ashley and Robert Holderby, $290,400.

1001 Walnut Street, Judy Marksberry to John and Rita Garner, $21,500.

2336 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Whitmer Holdings LLC, $243,106.

2013 Chesterfield Drive, Johnathon and Holly Hays to Levi Nave, $79,000.





February 11, 2019 | 10:08 am

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