Real Estate Transfers: Aug. 6, 2019

August 12, 2019 | 8:51 am

Updated August 12, 2019 | 11:03 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 29 and Aug. 6:


3509 Shut Out Court, Britini Isbill to Matthew and Kathryn Curry, $179,000.

404 Skinner Lane, Lynja Malone to Norman Jr. and Candice Bartlett, $69,900.

3612 Riverbend Cove, D S 9 LLC to Michael and Carolyn Porter, $151,250.

2505 Strawbridge Place, Mildred McCarthy to Mary and Landon Calloway, $100,000.

6660 Masonville Habit Road, William Conroy to Curtis Gray, $140,000.

2217 Village Run, Molly Ellis to Christina Potts and Marissa Skarupa, $134,900.

2560 Arbor Terrace, Rick and Cathleen Rivera to Foster Homes LLP, $105,000.

1709 West 5th Street, William and Darla Wimsatt to Cecilia Caceres, $47,500.

1707 West 5th Street, William and Darla Wimsatt to Maria Garcia, $65,000.

15 Colonial Court, Joseph and Rebecca Stewart to Cathleen Rivera and Rick Hermoso, $117,500.

2441 Hillbrooke Parkway, Steven and Susan Bratcher to Julie Johnson and Joseph Johnson, $318,000.

820 Pecan Avenue, Richard and Sarah Grimsely to Gary Postlewaite, $35,000.

151 Santa Maria Drive, Erik Ferry to Destiny Simpson, $199,000.

3969 Brookfield Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $38,000.

4736 Breeze Court West, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $34,950.

6505 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $30,225.

829 Fogle Road, Harlan Sr. and Carolyn Harney to Brian Connor, $35,000.

1107 West 7th Street, Autry & Hagan LLC to Legacy Contracting of Kentucky LLC, $19,000.

1105 West 7th Street, Autry & Hagan LLC to Legacy Contracting of Kentucky LLC, $19,000.

1542 West 3rd Street, Terrie Oost, Michael Oost, and Matthew Oost to Charalambos Pavlas, $26,100.

2319 Fieldstone Court, Heather Raymond to Collin and Danielle Carrico, $150,000.

2047 Hayden Bridge Road, James and Jeannette Hickerson to William and Nora Lee, $180,000.

4173 Lliberty Point, Equity Trade & Relocation Company to Becky and Mark Barnett, $171,250.

3022 Allen Street, Martha Bailey to Jeremy and Elizabeth Millay, $83,500.

621 East 22nd Street, Thomas Goetz to James II and Lisa Edge, $75,000.

6535 Spring Haven Trace, Natalie and Joseph Tanner to Shane and April Powell, $299,400.

757 Sandra Lane, Sabrina Kamuf to Amber Payne, $105,900.

1992 Whispering Meadows Drive, Jacob Lewis to Natalie and Joseph Tanner, $233,500.

4037 Yates Drive, Dustin and Leigha Winslow to Floyd and Sandra Livingston, $129,500.

2936 Christie Place, Stephanie Hobbs to Katrina and Jeffrey Nesmith, $109,800.

9062 Highway 231, K N M Properties LLC to Seth Hall, $143,000.

1916 Venetian Way, Carmen Goetz to Mike and Kelly Stinnett, $146,000.

224 Redbud Road, Jennifer Martin to Christopher Hinton, $83,500.

2753 Mercedes Drive, Curtis Howard to Zachariah Burden, $104,900.

609 Pin High Drive, Thompson Homes, Inc. to Dolores Young, $218,629.

2636 Windsor Avenue, Sharon Gray to William and Nancy Brown, $130,000.

1628 Manor Court, Benjamin and Jessica Childs to Salvador Martinez and Nezzie Cruz, $78,000.

7731 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, David and Martha Vanover to Vincent and Rose Nealen, $74,900.

209 Byron Court, Paul and Mary Wedding to Nicholas Pavlas, $72,000.

2717 Summer Point Court, Jeffrey and Amanda Blythe to Kyle and Rachel Besing, $178,000.

804 Locust Street, Bradford and Beverly Hamilton to Chester Roberts, $67,000.

3952 Krystal Lane, Stanley and Carole Nelson to David and Lisa Higdon, $235,000.

2219 Count Turf Drive, Dylan and Hannah Ward to Jennifer Haynes, $158,000.

7640 Highway 144, Megan and Logan Phillips to Timothy and Alondra Johnson, $47,500.

2432 Southeastern Parkway, David Higdon to Elizabeth Buntin, $147,000.

738 Dixiana Drive, Franklin and Susan Dockery to Brad Horn, $139,000.

850 Mary Lou Court, Stewart Jones to David Allgood Jr. and Allison Stanley, $180,900.

1523 West 1st Street, Mary Arnold to Christopher and Cynthia Vanover, $90,000.

4433 McIntire Crossing, Robert Hardaway, Jr. to Jonathan and Megan Howe, $142,900.









August 12, 2019 | 8:51 am

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