Real Estate Transfers: June 16, 2020

June 22, 2020 | 11:30 pm

Updated June 22, 2020 | 11:30 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 8 to June 16:

3715 Strike the Gold Court, Jeffrey and Rhonda Arnold to Amanda and Forrest Hamilton, $207,000.

1735 Virginia Court, Forrest Hamilton to Joshua Richardson and James Richardson, $88,500.


651 Ridgewood Street, Nancy Best Life Estate to Jon and Jennifer Alexander, $80,000.

5336 Sheffield Drive, Bettye Oliver Life Estate to Tristan and Autumn Durbin, $135,500.

2876 Silver Creek Loop, Carla Cotton to Forrest Ayer, $207,305.

6468 Autumn Valley Trace, Jacob and Kelsey Smith to Ryan and Amanda Pearce, $174,500.

2379 Red Oak Run, Thompson Homes, Inc. to Larry and Jenni Shadowen, $302,000.

1713 Wickland Court, Otha and Linda Massey to Christopher Massey, $85,000.

2423 Haviland Drive, Theresa Castlen to Amy Jeffers, $104,000.

4605 Winkler Road, Payne Duff Properties LLC to Earl, Jr. and Brittany Williams, $38,000.

5589 Highway 142, Payne Duff Properties LLC to Elizabeth and Kramer Sweeten, $38,000.

185 Harmons Ferry Road East, Gerry and Dorita Clark to Joshua and Gertrude Owen, $116,000.

5360 Highway 1514, Laura and Randy Hamilton to Robert Kuegel, $139,000.

724 Wandering Lane, James and Sherri Sumner to Lora and Desean Phelps, $123,000.

801 George Madison Drive, Donald and Thomasine Boarman to Sherman and Cheryl Cook, $133,000.

735 Fargo Street, Melody Lanham to Jacob and Brandi Melton, $129,900.

1008 Gardenside Drive, Frank and Elizabeth Roberts to Carrico Congleton Property LLC, $51,000.

235 Highway 1554, Kristin and Steven Hagan to Ryan Hatfield and Alexandria Faught, $149,900.

5115 Opal Court, Phillip and Julie Johnson to Jacob and Kaitlyn Sumner, $219,000.

2037 Westview Drive, Donald and Debra Lagrange to Dallas Stallings, $152,000.

1306 Locust Street, Meredith Cabell to Ryan Osborne, $172,000.

2102 Crestwood Drive, Evelyn Carter to David and Theresa Sweeney, $220,000.

1728 Daviess Street, Jim and Tara Oberst to Grace Executive Properties LLC, $57,500.

4549 Wayne Bridge Road, T J H T Properties LLC to Benjamin Hardesty and Casey Hardesty, $211,600.

1604 Daniels Lane, Amber and Andrew Tucker to Sarah and Jordan Stepp, $180,000.

3018 Wandering Lane, Dexter and Tammy Bratcher to Mark Hill, $120,000.

1619 Pearl Street, Sallie Howard to Katelin Lang, $90,000.

420 Catalina Drive, Terry and Sheila Abney to Dream Design LLC, $53,000.

3607 Steele Drive, Scott Baird, Jr. and Brandon Standiford to Seth and Sanora Fulkerson, $131,900.

6709 Kingston Drive, Jarred and Samantha Brown to Joseph and Katie Minton, $252,000.

6268 Brookstone Place, Brittany Belcher to Kara Flahardy and Trey Gates, $177,000.

1818 Chesterfield Drive North, Joseph and Tamara Alvey to Jonathan and Tina Patton, $59,900.

1523 Pearl Street, Judy Stamper and Brenda Conder to Christine and Hubert Vowels, $65,000.

4119 Hawthorne Drive, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jacques II and Whitney Williams, $75,500.

2150 Old Cabin Road, Matthew and Amy Martin to James and Ashtin Warren, $295,000.

419 Bolivar Street, Penelope Hickerson to C W L T E L Properties LLC, $6,000.

1442 Sutter Loop South, Roger and Jennifer Davenport to Dustin and Mary Evans, $98,500.

2413 Upland Point, Ashtin Riney and James Warren to Cody and Kayla Sarsland, $174,000.

3831 Lovell Drive, Ohio Valley Properties LLC to Darrell Motley, $110,777.

3765 Locust Hill Drive East, John and Kathy Crose to Charles Shepherd, $206,500.

3739 Boulder Lane, William and Kelly Wathen to Brittany and Jacob Graham, $354,000.

3519 Saint Ann Street, James and Lisa Litsey to Terry and Mikki Magan, $135,000.

1791 Graves Lane, Megan Sparks to Isabela Sparks, $114,900.

June 22, 2020 | 11:30 pm

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