Real Estate Transfers: June 19, 2020

June 30, 2020 | 8:39 am

Updated June 30, 2020 | 8:39 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 17 to June 19:

1200 Burlew Boulevard, Crandall Properties LLC to Integrity Lawn Care, Inc., $430,000.

604 Ridgewood Street, Larry and Patricia Murphy Revocable Trust to Stephen and Lashawna Haught, $94,900.


6512 Springwood Drive, Daniel and Julie Duff to Benjamin and Renae Story, $290,000.

5412 Meadow Grove Drive, Benjamin and Renae Story to Andrew and Amber Tucker, $259,900.

1424 Haynes Avenue, Kent Estep to Imperial Kentucky LLC, $30,000.

8555 Highway 144, Charles and Artie Whitaker to Brian Morris, $25,000.

4669 Forest Drive, W A P Properties LLC to Thompson Homes, Inc., $45,000.

2948 Christie Place, Ray and Jenny Jones to Donald Bayless and Emily Herring, $159,900.

1218 Allen Street, Ben Boarman and Heidi Stiff to Shawn Clifton, $149,900.

6440 Circle Drive, Caressa Hawkins to Elizabeth and William Boarman and Austin Boarman, $114,900.

3599 Chamber Street, John and Nancy Sabo to Brandon and Kim Harris, $100,500.

4121 Mason Woods Lane, Ryan Crisp to Carl and Terry Working, $160,000.

2154 Summer Walk, Dartanion Winstead to Donald and Tabatha Long, $225,000.

617 Clay Street, Isaac and Katie Rhodes to Lukas Stone, $142,000.

2206 Boarman Drive, Alex Dixon to Brennah Brasher, $110,000.

5625 Sarah Drive, Mark and Cheryl Jorgenson to Steven and June Render, $210,000.

415 East 21st Street, Kevin Sinnett to Nicholas Martin, $119,900.

106 East 24th Street, Nicholas and Andrea McCrary to Jeremy and Iryna Tincher, $132,000.

2764 Claiborne Run, Brandon and Sara Harley to Jeffrey Wallace, $231,000.

4326 Hawthorne Drive, James and Jimmylou Vandgrift to Mary Payne, $114,900.

1411 West 3rd Street, William and Melinda Johnson to Timothy and Amanda Ricks, $80,000.

2724 Trails Way, Christopher Swenson and Barry Swenson to  Jasen and Krystal London, $211,000.

1321 Haynes Avenue, Jewell Dukes to Kasi Costello, $27,500.


June 30, 2020 | 8:39 am

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