Real Estate Transfers: Apr. 26, 2021

April 26, 2021 | 9:48 pm

Updated April 26, 2021 | 9:48 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Apr. 8 and Apr. 19:

9865 Hulsey Loop, Jonathan Dudley and Joshua Bachmeier to Tim McEnroe, $51,666.

707 Jed Place, David and Tonya Maske to Scott and Jennifer Baird, $62,000.


15 Stone Creek Park, Audubon Loans LLC to Nathan and Megan Morris, $1,150,000.

2736 Wimsatt Court, Mason Mattingly to Bryce Kirkpatrick, $152,500.

11172 Old Leitchfield Road, Reginald Fischer to Leigh and Seth Burden, $435,000.

2836 Epworth Lane, Lawrence Nalley to Mollie Leonard and Grant Smith, $138,000.

2703 Trails Way, Willard and Judy Peveler to Nina Patel and Josh Sutton, $285,000.

6505 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Ethan and Mahala Woods, $193,500.

4055 Greenback Road, Charles and Linda Ambs to Richard Mitchell, $239,950.

3143 Spring Ridge Parkway, Chad and Crystal Heady to Ashueen Ambulgekar, $554,000.

612 Fleetwood Drive, Irene Vanbussum Irrevocable Family Trust to Ethan Schroader and Kayla Pruitt, $98,000.

2828 Delaware Drive, Douglas and Sheila Webster to Shawn and Amanda Mattingly, $185,000.

6375 Springwood Drive, Crystal and Brian Richards to Brandon and Lauren Fogle, $320,000.

6408 Valley Brook Trace, John and Rebecca Martin to Patricia Conder, $177,000.

2923 Wesleyan Park Drive, Josh Phillips and Karina Marler to Natasha Sebastian, $275,000.

4128 Stafford Court, Donald and Frances Bartley to Christal and Christian Beebe, $260,000.

1831 Griffith Avenue South, Sherry Hayden to John Barroll, $205,000.

2016 Sheridan Place, Charles and Mary Combs to Christopher and Kandie McDaniel, $235,000.

4141 Brookhill Drive, Nancy Collins and William Marksberry to Matthew and Molly Galloway, $250,000.

2828 Griffith Avenue South, Jeffrey Harris to William Heisler, $330,000.

2010 Pearl Street, Faye Murry to Rudy and Flora Vallandingham, $14,025.

2190 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Htay Win and Khin Maw and They Nyi, $201,145.

2326 Platinum Place, Christopher and Kandie McDaniel to Frances Bartley, $229,900.

4220 Highway 764, Kevin Riggs Revocable Trust to Megan and Charles French, $105,000.

4836 Grandview Drive, Jamie Berry to Elishea and Daniel Lee, $112,000.

1652 East 11th Street, Andrew Lanham and Connie Banks to Timothy and Angelia Leachman, $42,000.

1826 Suzanna Court, Charles Lemetti to Gary and Monica Fueston, $145,000.

2200 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Luann and David Cohron, $198,345.

11040 Highway 231, Stephen and Karen Thompson to Shelby and Anna Ford, $45,000.

4430 Springhurst Lane, John and Kimberly Hackbarth to Crystal and Chad Heady, $285,000.

2344 Reid Road, Ashli Adcock to Rita and Donnie Taylor, $124,000.

2915 Baybrook Street, Theresa Mercker to Frankie Tindle, $86,300.

2224 Griffith Place West, Mark and Abby Keelin to PP&C Residential Properties LLC, $272,500.

2216 Griffith Place West, David and Julie Warren to Abby and Mark Keelin, $375,000.

5309 Pleasant Valley Road, Logan and Emily Sloan to JNT Rentals LLC, $145,000.

2572 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Shelby and William Martin, $258,500.

2084 Northwood Drive, Duane Whistle to Eric and Ashley Oden, $330,000.

3569 Becker Drive, Earl and Edna McCrady to Phillip and Cherie Wallace, $234,000.

2529 Arbor Terrace, Jan Johson to Patrick Mills and Alanna Wathen, $134,000.

728 Clay Street, 1820 Alexander LLC to Project 1924 LLC, $70,000.

5465 Jones Road, John and Voneece Little to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $200,000.

674 Dalton Street, McDaniel Enterprises LLC to Samantha and David Tarter, $139,900.

4112 Kipling Drive, Warren Henry to Madison Payne and Ethan Crowe, $129,900.

1708 West 7th Street, Jessie Carter to Local Property Holdings LLC, $30,000.

5368 Meadow Run Drive, Natalie Stone to Jared and Bethany Osborne, $184,000.

8709 Sawmill Road, Peercy Enterprises LLC to Joe and Kristi McDaniel, $15,000.

5151 Free Silver Road, Keegan Camron to Casey and Clinton Lacy, $106,900.

2620 Epworth Lane, Gregory and Tanya Conkright to Edward and Cheryl Bedell, $133,500.

1919 Sunset Drive, George Glass to Jessica Grubb, $125,000.

1727 Sweeney Street, Wayne Lynn Enterprises LLC to Shelton Bros Enterprises LLC, $275,000.

101 Legion Boulevard, Gregory and Sharon Bratcher to Terry and Andrea Matthews, $46,00.

1231 West 12th Street, John Madole to Jason Roberts, $72,000.

1713 Winding Way, Jeremy and Melanie Camron to Adam Moser, $165,150.

3551 Bold Forbes Way, Melissa Mayes to Earl and Edna McCrady, $189,900.

9264 Miller Murphy Road, Charles Ambs and Lyndal Cambron to Makenzie Short, $109,900.

3513 Surrey Drive East, Jason Roberts to Delaney Daugherty, $111,000.

3155 Spring Ridge Parkway, Eduardo and Anne Gonzales to Christopher and Katie Meyer, $585,000.

8529 Highway 144, Victoria and Nathaniel Meadors to Paul and Jody Payne, $209,900.

3210 Highway 140 East, Blake and Andrea Edge to Christopher Westerfield, $150,000.

5243 Jack Hinton Road, Jacob and Emiliy Roby to Travis and Kyra Johnson, $184,500.

2221 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Sae and Ywe Mu, $198,795.

1525 Center Street, Kenneth and Delma Hutchins to Reginald Ragland, $5,000.

6456 Autumn Valley Trace, Angela Boling to Cierra Eades, $178,500.

3739 Pine Lake Court, Christopher and Amy Kazlauskas to Jeremy Payne, $315,000.

2713 Kingman Loop, Tien Le to Dah and Klaw Meh, $170,000.

337 Wilder Drive, Flash Investments LLC to Amber Noles, $114,900.

5651 Woodcrest Lane, Donald Downing to Brett and Emily Dickens, $465,000.

April 26, 2021 | 9:48 pm

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