Real Estate Transfers: May 31, 2021

May 31, 2021 | 10:20 pm

Updated May 31, 2021 | 10:20 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 17 and May 27:

61 Quail Ridge Court A, Betty Daniel Life Estate to Todd Lasher, $160,000.

1118 Avondale Road, Nathaniel and Amanda Blair to Jeffrey and Denise Campbell, $136,000.

4534 Countryside Drive, Bob and Dorothy McDonald to Nathaniel and Amanda Blair, $235,000.

2533 Juniper Gardens, Joyce Peercy to Dorothy McDonald, $156,000.

3844 Thresher Street, Nathan Johnson and Christine Chinn to Dwight and Salanda Bowman, $162,000.

1223 Venable Avenue, Gough Residential LLC to Shamrock Rentals LLC, $82,500.

2514 Pardon Avenue, Paul Fischer to Jamie Casteel, $6,000.

324 Links Cove, Thompson Homes, Inc. to Keith and Sherri Switzer, $287,150.

2322 Monroe Avenue, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Michael and Joy Goodlett, $301,620.

2001 Trillium Gardens, Robert Wethington, Jr. to Jerry and Sandra Bradley, $172,000.

2175 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $31,300.

2175 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Richard and Reida Simmons, $219,595.

1321 Claranette Court, Debra Bordeaux to John and Holly McCormack, $67,900.

734 Wing Avenue, John S. Johnson and John D. Johnson to John D. Johnson, $2,000.

728 Wing Avenue, John S. Johnson to John D. Johnson, $8,000.

410 Highway 1207, Paul and Rosemary Brewer to Deborah Gray, $121,000.

2279 Woodstone Court, John Gonzalez and Amy Matheny to Angela and Stephen Drury, $289,900.

1720 Burdette Court, Everett and Tiffany Hillard to Devin Taylor Inc., 20,000.

1706 East 26th Street, David Boswell to Robinson Homes LLC, $110,000.

2105 Griffith Avenue, Sharon and Rodney Robey to Htee Paw and Hsit Hsit and Helen Ray, $233,000.

255 Bon Harbor Cove, William Griffin to Matthew and Kerry Curry, $287,500.

2224 Biscayne Drive, Patricia Floyd to Hattie Curry, $46,534.

4339 Plantation Pointe, Thomas and Sally Stoermer to Joe and Janice Crowder, $330,000.

1716 Windsor Avenue, Shelby and Angela Strobel to Lindsay Stogsdill and Joshua Booker, $297,900.

1813 Cherokee Drive, Joshua Booker and Lindsay Stogsdill to Shirley Riggs and Lori McIntosh, $165,000.

2411 South York Street, Susan Griffin to Gregory Hein, $165,000.

6837 Creekview Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Jonathon and Rebekah Tucker, $240,470.

507 Montgomery Avenue, C&D Property Management LLC to LYM Properties LLC, $35,500.

3890 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to James and Lori Marksberry, $343,290.

2128 Dickey Drive, Paula Benner to MJ’s Real Estate LLC, $117,000.

4607 McIntire Crossing, Betty and Ernest Renfrow to Zane Glass, $145,000.

421 East 20th Street, James and Jamie Cambron to Jon Johnson, $20,000.

4100 Nina Drive, David and Clare McBrayer to Glenna Yewell and Thomas Yewell, $286,900.

6489 Autumn Valley Trace, Jake Zimmerman to Adam Weafer, $204,000.

6849 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Jerald and Kimberly Davis, $345,205.

7226 Donald Avenue, Holly Kuegel to Jacob and Harlie Beavers, $119,900.

647 Greenbriar Street, James McDaniel to Kevin Riggs Revocable Trust, $116,500.

3208 Ridgewood Street, Candice King to Bradley Hodges and Andrew and Terri Hodges, $136,000.

2104 Summer Walk, Hagan and Stephanie Fee to Christopher and Krystal Gant, $252,000.

4542 McIntire Crossing, Cindy Jones to Joseph and Jessica Hayes, $209,000.

6631 Thoreau Village, Jacob and Miranda Austin to Andrew Dalton and Morgan Stewart, $229,900.

2007 Littlewood Drive, Stephen and Rachel Durbin to Cyrus Adkisson, $295,000.

1416 Jackson Street, Jackie Blue to Nick Dean, $500.

706 East 3rd Street, Darry and Betty Cain to JKLM Investments LLC, $56,000.

531 East 24th Street, Devin Taylor, Inc. to Windy Howard, $166,000.

619 Booth Avenue, Rebecca Glenn to Carli Barr, $151,900.

4342 Strickland Drive, Amanda Hampton to Cindy Jones, $151,500.

468 Camden Circle, Sherry Cecil to Nicholas Krampe, $177,500.

6442 Spring Haven Trace, Matthew and Amber Phelps to Christopher and Brandi Keller, $335,000.

54.5 Acres on Floral Road, Theresa Howard to Andrew and Tammy Bartlett, $115,000.

6853 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to David and Sharon Simmons, $360,310.

3318 Placid Place, Adam Hicks to Bethany Callaway, $165,000.

717 Devonshire Drive, Caleb and Alicia Whear to Denise Campbell, $136,000.

1714 McCreary Avenue, Charles and Amanda Blount to Mary Taylor, $241,762.

3938 Little Bluestem Drive, Mary Taylor to Martin Hicks, $325,000.

3417 Baybrook Street, Larry and Patricia Murphy Revocable Trust to Amber and Gustavo Yanez, $68,900.

4089 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Avery and Charles Clark, $284,755.

4113 Mason Woods Lane, Susan Godthaab to Patricia and James Koller, $260,000.

715 Deer Haven Drive, Treychip Enterprises LLC to Preston and Jayline Cabbage, $145,000.

6083 Old Highway 54, Kerry Hall to Brady Gobin, $159,900.

11425 Highway 144, Stephen and Jennifer Blandford to Gregory and Theresa Howard, $25,000.

2229 Turnbury Cove, Jesse and Nancy Thomison to Vohnell Mullican, $282,000.

10404 Highway 54, Rice Ray to William and Judy Rowland, $28,000.

May 31, 2021 | 10:20 pm

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