Real Estate Transfers: Mar. 28, 2022

March 28, 2022 | 7:30 am

Updated March 27, 2022 | 11:24 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Mar. 10 and Mar. 18:

318 Monarch Street, Mohammed Rahman and Reba Barikdar to Sharaya Wagner, $6,000.


1919 East 21st Street, Christopher Howard to Ted Equity LLC, $49,500.

2401 Cascades Pointe, Corbin Jewell to Laura Huff, $177,000.

2218 Bluff Avenue, RNA Rental Hosplex LLC to Crystal and Wilmer Perez, $81,000.

6437 Autumn Valley Trace, Yasmeen Taswell to Preston and Jade Lynn, $232,000.

6842 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to David and Monica Charles, $360,000.

2611 Secretariat Drive, Ruth Snyder to Yuanbin Jiang, $165,000.

4101 Red Clover Drive, Stephanie and Justin Rhinerson to Malcolm and Melissa Howell, $369,000.

4121 Brentwood Drive, Mona Clark to Dustin and Courtney Beck, $154,000.

1589 Yelvington Knottsville Road, Thomas and Carol Whitford to Elisabeth Harbin, $172,000.

2115 Ottawa Drive, Randy Scalf to Randy and Trianna Scalf, $120,000.

12425 Highway 431, James and Charlesa Yeiser Family Trust to Bobby Tarrants, $120,000.

1201 Independence Avenue, Quotegrage, Inc. to M P C Land LLC, $27,000.

2125 Carpenter Drive, Urban Wink to Frogtown Investment LLC, $105,000.

3449 Lakeview Drive, KNM Properties LLC to Billy and Meghann Jarboe, $262,500.

4806 West 5th Street Road, Joseph and Marquita Frakes to Jeffrey Remole, $62,500.

4029 Foxtail Place, Frances McCoy Revocable Trust to Artur and Stella Khachikyan, $510,000.

449 Raintreet Drive, Janie Marksberry to Debra Carroll, $174,900.

3511 Daviess Court, Martha Hamilton to Donna Nelson and William Grimsley, $155,000.

2100 York Drive, Barbara Haley to Kimberly and Christopher Hogg, $166,400.

724 Wandering Lane, Lora and Desean Phelps to David Fitz, $139,900.

2258 Monroe Avenue, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to John and Tonya Barnett, $265,090.

2626 Allen Street, James and Connie Lee to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $57,000.

2626 Allen Street, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to David Phelps Realty, LLC, $69,100.

6806 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Yasmeen and Jamon Taswell, $321,995.

3230 Jefferson Street, Stephen Perry to Timmothy and Debra Nichols, $139,900.

2221 Berkshire Drive, Herman and Joy Beliles to Pranjel LLC, $114,000.

1010 East 19th Street, Signature Properties LLC to Logan Harris, $129,900.

21 Stone Creek Park, Thomas and Susan Furlong to Todd and Nikki Manley, $595,000.

2405 Griffith Avenue, Erin Moore to Felecia Bartram, $255,000.

4319 Spring Bank Drive, Elizabeth Oldham to Vincent and Elizabeth Coyne, $530,200.

4012 Carpenter Drive, Daniel Long to Steven Brasher, $159,900.

1606 Tamarack Road, Stephen and Amy Head to Jonathan Roberts, $135,000.

3005 Creek Branch Cove, Vincent and Elizabeth Coyne to Jeffrey Dickens, $345,500.

6800 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to James and Genalyn Pointer, $341,185.

2420 Cavalcade Drive,  TJHT Properties LLC to Alexander and Sarah Hopewell, $220,000.

3887 Griffith Avenue South, Betty Armenderez to David and Joy Blincoe, $280,000.

3148 Adams Court, Jonathan and Dayana Staples to Jennie Clemens, $152,000.

3890 Crane Pond Road, Nathan and Jennifer Inman to Jonathan and Dayana Staples, $236,000.

809 Idaho Lane, Wayne and Patricia Morris to Crystal Hall, $100,000.

7656 Old Highway 54, Rondal Shreve to Carolyn Wathen, $30,000.

2833 Brooks Parkway, Sydney Girten to Laurie Milliner, $275,500.

409 Newbury Court, Jennifer Moorman to Saul Garcia, $200,000.

1764 East 26th Street, Sherry Turner to Andrew Daugherty, $135,000.

3635 Queens Way, Margie Rayman to Shamsher Gollan, $156,000.

2304 Middleground Drive, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Fausto and Wendy Andujar, $160,100.

2019 Alexander Avenue, Dallas and Tamara Williams to Joseph and Rose Towery, $14,000.

1252 Concord Terrace, William Bratcher to Christy Sumner Investments LLC, $133,000.

3920 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to John and Tracy Wood, $286,135.

6476 Lilac Lane, Nathan and Jamie Coomes to Bailee Jones, $141,000.

3973 Brookside Court, Lawrence and Sandra Grubb to Edna Tucker, $209,500.

207 Martin Way, Hannah Bandy and Michael Hankins to Alexis Games and William Mills, $152,000.

7717 Stevens School Road, Joey and Rebekah Morrow to Elizabeth Bryant, $109,900.

2536 West 3rd Street, Darryl Griffith to Nicholas Pavlas, $64,000.

2228 Berkshire Drive, MBA Investments LLC to Jeremiah Drahos, $128,750.

Becker Drive, Evialyn Buskill Trust to Jasen and Carrie Chanley, $27,000.

7372 Stevens School Road, Herschel Bickett to Veterans Properties LLC, $66,000.

3324 Woodlane Drive, Eddie and Enda Tucker to Richard and Randa Richey, $235,200.

1712 Monohon Avenue, Martin Laney to MPC Land LLC, $25,000.

2018 Clinton Place East, Nathan Leonard to Nicolette Robinson, $160,000.

March 28, 2022 | 7:30 am

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