Real Estate Transfers: Aug. 1, 2022

August 1, 2022 | 7:00 am

Updated July 31, 2022 | 9:55 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 18 and July 26:

618 Poindexter Street, Michael Drewry to C & D Property Management LLC, $52,000.

10201 Highway 56, Juanita Brannen to Michael and Helen Hardesty, $224,900.

4027 Reliant Circle, William and Nellie Tweddell to Harold and Marie McClary, $150,000.

1529 Herr Avenue, Michael and Helen Hardesty to Whitney and Adam Kegley, $135,000.

2558 Watson Circle, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $32,500.

3701 Pine Lake Court, Otto and Carolyn Ranney to James and Christie Anderson, $376,000.

2830 Allen Street, James and Lora Wellman to Samantha Matthis, $56,853.

45 Booth Field Road, David and April Blank to Justin Camacho and Kasey Dupont, $470,000.

4335 King Christian Court, James and Lisa Glover to Jeffery and Karin Roberts, $305,000.

2056 Viola Gardens, Nina Murphy to Edna Clouse, $189,500.

3030 Highland Pointe Drive, RCP Real Estate Co LLC to Coughlin Group LLC, $1,425,000.

6607 McPherson Road, Shea and Victor Jones to Anthony and Myra Villareal, $123,000.

6472 Valley Brook Trace, Taylor Bennett and Roger Pharris, Jr. to Victoria Keller, $249,900.

1413 Maple Avenue, Robert Higdon to Ladd Properties LLC, $203,000.

126 East 23rd Street, Robert Rector to William Thompson, Jr., $192,650.

660 Pin High Drive, Thompson Homes, Inc. to David and Connie Travis, $258,407.

1524 Tamarack Road, Aubry Myers to Phoe Reh, $175,000.

2110 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Blythe Investments, Inc., $228,475.

4782 Windstone Drive, National Transfer Services LLC to Aaron and Madeline Stark, $374,500.

7168 Oklahoma Laffoon Road, Vincent and Rose Nealen to Tammy Keller, $285,000.

6200 Highway 54, Warren and Karen Young to Steve and Edna Johnson, $165,000.

5064 Bridgewood, JR Acquisitions LLC to Matthew and Stephanie Nitz, $92,900.

2001 Oak Avenue, Pinnacle Point LLC to Byron Johnson, $132,000.

10255 Lanham Road, Donald and Sandra Castlen to Jason and Evelyn Schuman, $420,000.

1974 Whispering Meadows Drive, Brandon Thomas and Billy Townson, III to Stephanie and Nicholas Orth, $297,000.

516 East 7th Street, Jerry Owens Living Trust to A&B Saints Rentals LLC, $70,000.

2705 Redford Drive, Jason Sims to Haley Porter and Joseph Kuntz, $136,900.

6411 Valley Brook Trace, Diana Chalfant to Warren Hayden and Kayley Edelen, $219,000.

3150 Knott Road, Paul and Bonnie Hancock to Dan and Darlene Thomas, $70,000.

1812 Brenda Court, Stacy Frey to Bridget Schwartz, $150,000.

2447 Ford Avenue, Scott and Jackie Davis to Paul and Arretta Nave, $383,000.

800 East 27th Street, Opal Hawkins to Jared Bradley, $165,000.

904 East 15th Street, Karen Martin to Tennie Law, $40,000.

1105 Hickory Lane, David and Jahn Owens to Landon and Andrea Taylor, $420,000.

5100 West 5th Street Road, Richard and Sarah Grimsley to Julian Jessup and Jeffrey Jessup, $105,000.

301 Pantle Point, Matthew and Chelsea Farmer to George and Kelcey Dunham, $755,000.

1631 Daviess Street, Paul Vance and Pamela Hughes to Bobby and Terri McKinley, $145,000.

1233 Hickory Lane, Landon and Andrea Taylor to Kaitlin Wells, $275,000.

2804 Silver Creek Loop, Ryan and Samantha Moseley to Erin and Joshua Tolson, $334,900.

2120 Griffith Place West, Riverwalk Properties LLC to John and Adrianne Condray, $265,134.

3419 Daviess Street, Laura Beauchamp to Shelby Mays and Nicholas Durcholz, $155,000.

3809 Boulder Lane, Erin and Joshua Tolson to Jessie Norris and Billy Hardison, $220,500.

7184 Old Masonville Road, W. Howard to Lou Evans, $12,500.

2259 Village Run, Mary Wilk to Rebecca Volk, $189,500.

2221 Emerald Court, Carrie Edge to Laura Beauchamp, $220,000.

2223 Mill Run, Joseph Greenwell to Ryan and Samantha Moseley, $255,000.

August 1, 2022 | 7:00 am

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