Real Estate Transfers: Oct. 3, 2022

October 3, 2022 | 9:18 am

Updated October 3, 2022 | 9:18 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 19 and Sept. 26:

1047 Hill Avenue, Mayfair Square Development Group LLC to John and Glory Ekong, $579,900.

313 Stockton Drive, Mary Wimsatt to Kendyl Surrells, $190,000.

9655 Highway 144, Jerome and Betty Hamilton to Johnathan and Brooke Reesor, $230,000.

3220 Saint Ann Street, Jeffery Potter to Sonya Martin, $149,999.

1515 Hall Street, NTN Properties LLC to Lonnie and Laura Nave, $350,000.

308 East 23rd Street, Vincent Hayden to Hyland Enterprises LLC, $129,500.

2530 Ebach Street, Jacquelyn Smith to Jonathan Sheriff and Joshua Phillilps, $30,000.

525 Frederica Street, Robert Gleason to Owensboro Warehouse LLC, $305,000.

2110 Old Henderson Road, Brenda Grossman to Richard and Megan Beeler, $45,000.

3817 Cross Creek Trail, William and Shelby Martin to Thomas and Nancy Greathouse, $270,000.

9357 Sauer Lane, Treva Crowe to James and Vicky Rudy, $106,000.

254 Cardinal Lane, Amber and Jordan Phillips to Mayli Englert, $180,000.

2750 Morningside Drive, C&D Property Management LLC to Shufei Jiang, $80,000.

2612 Old Hartford Road, Terrence and Stephanie Sadlowski to Larry and Cheryl Sansom, $160,875.

9320 Old Hartford Road, William and Lois Purdy to Russell and Laura Davis, $565,000.

6805 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Logan and Kalynne Ferguson, $332,560.

10979 Highway 60 East, William and Holly Vineyard to David and Mikel Graves, $385,000.

2118 Clinton Place East, Christopher and Sabrina Hoover to Gary Taylor, $255,000.

1411 Greenwood Drive, Hugh and Lisa Duke to Nolan and Katelyn Wimsatt, $200,000.

1535 College Drive, Jane Gilbert to David and Lindsay Beets, $318,000.

3916 Bordeaux Loop, Gary and Margaret Boswell to Chad and Whitney Priar, $188,000.

205 East Byers Avenue, Koger Properties LLC to Aaron Phelps, $30,000.

3204 Lewis Lane, Nolan and Katelyn Wimsatt to Christopher and Sabrina Hoover, $298,500.

64 Acres on Pup Creek Road, Pup Creek Farms LLC to K&A Farms LLC, $500,000.

1517 Springdale Drive, Virgie Hines to Deborah Gray, $200,000.

3601 Bordeaux Loop, Dustin and Blaire Neighbors to Sharon and John Layson, $242,000.

1739 St. Marys Avenue, Rhonda Hoffman to Martha Brink, $174,900.

294 Coast Guard Lane, Real Investment LLC to Ronald and Cynthia Wilkerson, $225,000.

3012 Yellowstone Drive, Deborah Bellwood to Michael Bellwood, $145,000.

6521 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Barbara Burkhart, $238,170.

2903 Royal Drive, Richard and Isabelle Ebelhar to Matthew and Bridget Evans, $415,000.

4689 Windstone Drive, Daryle and Lisa Muench to Joseph and Stacy Chaffin, $399,900.

1418 Standish Place, Bridget and Matthew Evans to Ashley and Mark Edge, $355,000.

4627 Windy Hollow Road, Auther and Lillian Hamilton to Joseph Newton, $165,000.

4001 Reliant Circle, Leah Lanham to Jennifer Crowe, $224,900.

1549 Creek Haven Loop, John and Vicki Combs to Michal Powers, $331,500.

2833 Silver Creek Loop, Julie Crowe to David Sorrentino, $340,000.

1310 West 1st Street, Autry Properties LLC to Keith Creager, $43,000.

6403 Autumn Valley Trace, Julie Mann to Bryan and Elizabeth Esparza, $234,900.

709 Hathaway Street, Keith Knott and Julie Taylor to Ramon Ortiz, $60,000.

1892 Celebration Circle, Daniel and Debra Phillips to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $367,225.

141 Highway 140 West, Benjamin and Micaiah Ballard to David and Brittany Decker, $75,000.

2028 Viola Gardens, Jane Fredrick to Karen Adkins, $185,000.

October 3, 2022 | 9:18 am

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