Real Estate Transfers: Dec. 5, 2022

December 5, 2022 | 10:10 am

Updated December 5, 2022 | 10:10 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Nov. 16 and Nov. 30:

1000 West Parrish Avenue, Amy Roberts and Emily Roberts to Ryan and Stacy Crisp, $105,000.

102 East 20th Street, John and Kathleen Cox to Ronald Williams and Kindrick Williams, $42,500.

2304 Ben Ali Court, CWD Properties LLC to William and Malissa Harris, $195,000.

3018 Yosemite Drive, Jacey Wilhoite to Domenico Reh and Cary Paw, $157,000.

10056 Highway 815, Dennis and Sheryl Vanover to Murphy Farms LLC, $150,000.

1815 Hathaway Street, Timothy Ellis to Barbell Investments LLC, $53,500.

3538 Cannonade Loop, Ruth Scott to Doris Morris, $215,000.

4122 Fox Run Lane, Jordan and Amber Phillips to Barry and Michelle Spencer, $440,000.

4516 Countryside Drive, Thomas and Tonya Richardson to Matthew and Kristy Rhinerson, $244,000.

2410 West 5th Street, Robert and Patricia Potts to Jose Miranda, $30,000.

1907 Chesterfield Drive, Tony and Diane Howard to Kelevra Capital LLC, $85,000.

900 East 18th Street, Robert and Jane Evans to Angelas Dwellings LLC, $110,000.

2528 Canonero Loop, Judith Brown to Dorothy Howard, $161,500.

1417 Rose Avenue, Jacob Williamson and Destiny Sapp to William and Lacey Young, $133,500.

2548 Watson Circle, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Audie and Lana Chaney, $295,000.

1509 Coventry Lane, Gayle Gardner to James McCarty, $292,000.

2900 Eastern Parkway, Michael and Pamela Lewis to Jeffrey and Jamie Durham, $394,000.

2300 Veach Road, Jason and Jamie Goodwin to Chad and Whitney Priar, $67,000.

2069 Trillium Gardens, Audie and Lana Chaney to Brian and Pauline Baggarly, $193,000.

2918 Baybrook Street, KY Fun Times LLC to Alicia Garcia, $88,000.

3416 Affirmed Court, Larry Hancock to ASN Investments LLC, $175,000.

2536 Spencer Drive, Wesleyan Heights Methodist Church to Judith Austin, $225,000.

2816 Veach Road, Benjamin and Brittany Thompson to Ann Sigler, $88,000.

2816 Veach Road, JMAKE LLC to Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Inc., $350,000.

1002 Audubon Avenue, Anita Osborne Family Irrevocable Trust to Terry Fulkerson, $180,000.

721 Hill Avenue, Mark and Ashley Edge to Luke and Kathryn Bailey, $190,000.

4180 Highway 142, Vonell Hudson to Christopher Hudson, $150,000.

2308 Tradition Avenue, Kendra Krause and Mallory Lowry to Matthew and Mallory Lowry, $140,000.

1500 Independence Avenue, Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro to Jamie Sowders, $161,500.

2110 Skaggs Court, Blythe Investments, Inc. to Infinity RE Investments LLC, $240,000.

3159 Old Calhoun Road, Scott Smith and Duke Smith to Bill and Carrie Kuegel LLC, $10,000.

2140 Crestwood Drive, Carroll Howard to Lee Ann and Chad Day, $300,000.

1858 Aspenwood Court, Helen Schaick to Kimberly Clemens, $380,000.

2221 Middleground Drive, Steven Underhill to Joel and Kaitlyn Blankendaal, $234,000.

1222 Castlewood Place, Crossridge Properties LLC to Dustin Taylor, $210,000.

2830 Asbury Place, Dream Design LLC and TEK Enterprises LLC to Steven and Kali Underhill, $300,000.

1805 Burton Road, Shelby and Dustin Taylor to Crossridge Properties LLC, $430,000.

9756 Highway 815, Jenny Evans to Green River Property Holdings LLC, $139,900.

6307 Valley Brook Trace, Brandy French to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $206,738.

6618 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Brandy Watkins and Tywan French, $451,845.

2208 Emerald Court, Matthew Rhinerson to Charles Webb and Lisa Taylor, $236,000.

732 Jackson Street, Kathy Keller to Malik Nessem, $15,000.

5589 Highway 54, Patrick Tierney to Masen Emberton, $125,000.

6672 Waterford Place, Thomas and Amanda Melton to George and Nicole Good, $350,000.

102 Gilmour Court, Gregory Aull to Emmanuel Calderon and Alma Dimas, $69,000.

.3 Acres on Highway 405, Bonnie Terrizzi to Ashley Philpott, $5,000.

10122 Highway 144, Mathew Alexander to Jacklyn and Jacob Boarman, $225,000.

1615 Center Street, Tonya Poyner to Kaeley Sumner, $115,900.

3888 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Jonathan Jones, $390,000.

653 Carter Road, Amy Meredith to Allen Investment Properties LLC, $112,000.

2399 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Kevin and Ashley Hurt, $354,495.

3606 Arlington Drive, Nathan Sloan to Janson Jackson, $80,000.

1015 Venable Court, Randall and Susan Jones to Jordan Maddox, $25,000.

2579 Arbor Terrace, Laura Tierney to Just The Very Best LLC, $143,560.

403 Catalina Drive, Just The Very Best LLC to Grayson Montgomery and Gerald Cameron, $159,900.

5012 Diamond Drive, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to Michael Hayden and Bailey Bryant, $252,900.

3922 Highway 144, William Payne to Justin Gunterman and Terry Gunterman, $165,000.

1107 Hall Street, Norma Burden to Thomas Fowler, $2,600.

1907 Alexander Avenue, Karl Lindsey to Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro, $2,200.

2526 Lancaster Avenue, Bill Jarnagin to Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro, $3,000.

910 McGill Street, Cain Pytlik to Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro, $500.

4783 Breeze Court West, Nathan and Mariah Stallings to Michael and Jennifer Huff, $300,000.

8908 Kingfisher Lake Road, Alicia Kassinger to Deborah Barley and Ann Elliott, $269,000.

923 Locust Street, Laura Hamilton to John Edge, $10,000.

1507 Alexander Avenue, Lola Goodman to Ronald and Tina Hogg, $600.

621 Center Street, H&B Properties LLC to Cristian and Kirbee Porter, $129,000.

520 Jed Place, Heather Baker and Seth Ross to Peyton Sharp, $102,900.

506 Hall Street, Adams and Dye Properties LLC to BVA Capital LLC, $40,000.

6602 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Mathew and Baili Alexander, $321,240.

3207 Jefferson Street, Mary Stinnett to John Hamon and Ashton Ross, $104,500.

3121 Lewis Lane, Pat Jackson to Jessica Stallings, $200,000.

1712 Brentwood Drive, Sandra Cohron to Jacob Cohron and Loni Grant, $160,000.

231 Highway 140 West, Paul and Ronald Thompson to Paul and Cynthia Thompson, $253,000.

5959 Stevens School Road, John Myers to Jennifer Schall, $202,000.

2661 Victory Court East, Barry Duncan to Deborah Gilmore, $114,900.

4607 Windy Hollow Road, David Phelps Realty LLC to Brien and Belinda Mathews, $214,900.

3618 Bordeaux Loop North, Judy Johnson to Troy and Laura Abel, $222,000.

631 Daviess Street, Adam Kees and Chelsey Nicholson to John and Jennifer Kellems, $210,000.

5618 Graham Lane, Matthew and Macilynn Brooks to Jonathon Hodskins and Coty Hayden, $230,000.

3464 Millers Fall Circle, Troy and Laura Abel to Kristopher Trogden and Randy Trogden, $179,900.

2049 Sussex Place, Dorothy Jackson to Lawrence and Aleata Halbig, $246,900.

4005 Kensington Place, Carter and Jasmine McDaniel to Stewart Ijames, $190,000.

December 5, 2022 | 10:10 am

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