Carroll to continue track career at Indiana University

May 25, 2022 | 12:04 am

Updated May 25, 2022 | 7:26 am

Photo by Gage Johnson

After a strong four-year career with the Owensboro High School track team, Reece Carroll’s stellar performance is taking him to the Division I level after signing with Indiana University.

“It’s a huge relief to finally know where I’m going to spend the next four years,” Caroll said. “I can focus on my current track season without any stress, and go into the summer knowing everything is already figured out and done with. It’s a great feeling.”

On top of what Indiana University offers Carroll academically and athletically, it was imperative to him that he joined a campus that felt like a second home and Carroll says that they have just that.

“I wanted to choose a school with a tight-knit community,” Carroll said.  “Even though IU has 35k undergrad students, they have a great community with a great support system. I feel like I can thrive there academically and socially. I also wanted to run at the Division I level. IU has a great Track & Field program with great coaches, facilities, and teammates.” 


Carroll said it was the mentality of the coaches and players alike that sold him on the program, knowing that he would be surrounded by people that would push him 24/7.

“The mindset of not only the coaches, but also the athletes on the team,” Carroll said. “They’re focused and willing to put in 110% to be the best they can be. Consistency and hard work is what they preached to me while I was on a visit at their campus. That pulled me in and allowed me to trust in their ability to help me become a great asset to the team.”

Outside of Carroll’s pursuits athletically he will maintain his passion for sports in his studies, as plans to major in psychology and then delve into the sports psychology field thereafter.

“I then plan to get a masters degree in sports psychology after my undergrad so I can pursue a career working with athletes on their mental strength and mindset,” Carroll said. “The mental aspect of sports has always interested me, and I’ve always thought that the mind was just as important as the body when it came to athletic performance.” 

And while Carroll is thrilled to be taking the next step in his life athletically and academically, he will miss the only track family he’s ever known in the Red Devils.

“I’m going to miss the familiarity,” Carroll said. “I’ve only ever ran track for OHS. So having to move to a new town with a new team and new coaches will be something I’m not used to. But it’ll all be for the best and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

May 25, 2022 | 12:04 am

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