OT announces 2022 All-County Softball Team

June 20, 2022 | 12:05 am

Updated June 18, 2022 | 1:29 pm

The Owensboro Times is announcing its 2022 All-County Softball Team and honorable mentions, featuring players from Apollo, Daviess County, Owensboro, Owensboro Catholic and Trinity.

There is one player per position, with honorable mentions being listed regardless of position. This list was voted on by coaches and then finalized by the Owensboro Times staff.

The Player of the Year is also listed below the All-County First Team, linking to their respective story. Honorable mentions are listed below in no specific order below the All-County Second Team.

First Team-

P (1st Team): Raylee Roby (Daviess County)

1B (1st Team): Jessie Daniels (Daviess County)

2B (1st Team): Addison Tignor (Owensboro Catholic)

3B (1st Team): Arianna Ramirez (Apollo)

SS (1st Team): Camille Conkright (Owensboro Catholic)

C (1st Team): Millie Roberts (Daviess County)

OF (1st Team): Lilli Grant (Owensboro Catholic)

OF (1st Team): Katie Mewes (Daviess County)

OF (1st Team): Mallory Velotta (Apollo)

Player of the Year: Raylee Roby (Daviess County)

Second Team-

P (2nd Team): Brooke Hamilton (Owensboro Catholic)

1B (2nd Team): Bailey Hamilton (Owensboro Catholic)

2B (2nd Team): Seanna Leibfried (Daviess County)

3B (2nd Team): Hattie Newman (Daviess County)

SS (2nd Team): Annie Newman (Daviess County)

C (2nd Team): Cassidy Morris (Trinity)

OF (2nd Team): Morgan Julian (Apollo)

OF (2nd Team): Addison Hill (Owensboro)

OF (2nd Team): Kinsey Vergason (Daviess County)

Honorable Mentions: Kat Hibbitt (Trinity), Emmie Bullington (Apollo), Sophie Simone (Daviess County), Emmi Connor (Owensboro), Macie Aguilar (Apollo), Maci Merritt (Owensboro Catholic), Madison McDaniel (Trinity), Abbie Dukate (Owensboro Catholic), Olivia Crawford (Apollo)

June 20, 2022 | 12:05 am

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