OT announces 2024 All-County Wrestling Teams

April 18, 2024 | 12:05 am

Updated April 18, 2024 | 2:47 am

The Owensboro Times is announcing its 2024 All-County Boys’ and Girls’ Wrestling Teams featuring wrestlers from all four local high schools. We are also announcing finalists for the Boys’ and Girls’ Wrestlers of the Year. 

Owensboro Times relies primarily on nominations/votes by coaches to determine the All-County Teams and Players of the Year.

(Editor’s note: Owensboro Times will host a sports awards banquet in May 2024, when the Player of the Year winners for fall, winter, and spring sports will all be announced. More details on that banquet will be announced this month.)

Wrestler of the Year Finalists


  • Jake Ramsey- Apollo
  • Patrick Glenn- Apollo
  • Jackson Stoner- Daviess County


Kali Nichols- Daviess County

Mayte Lopez- Apollo

Lydia Gardner- Apollo

Boys’ All-County Wrestling Team

  • Patrick Glenn- Apollo
  • Jackson Stoner- Daviess County
  • Jake Ramsey- Apollo
  • Cameron Devine- Owensboro Catholic
  • Tavius Walker- Apollo
  • Will Stovall- Owensboro
  • Kevin Lopez- Apollo
  • Andrew Brauer- Owensboro Catholic
  • Kobe Nichols- Daviess County
  • Clayton Pendley- Apollo
  • Aidan Ranburger- Daviess County
  • Kameryis Cline- Owensboro
  • Juan Quintana- Owensboro

Honorable Mentions

  • Colton Hardy- Apollo
  • Jah Patterson- Daviess County
  • Gill Nicodemus- Daviess County
  • Kaden Nichols- Daviess County
  • Justin Woodrome- Owensboro
  • Sam Brauer- Owensboro Catholic
  • Alexander Sapp- Apollo
  • Eli Roberts- Daviess County
  • Brayden Mattingly- Apollo
  • Simon Thompson- Owensboro Catholic
  • Clayton Lawson- Apollo
  • Ollie Ezell- Daviess County
  • Tristan Stapelton- Owensboro

Girls’ All-County Wrestling Team

  • Mayte Lopez- Apollo
  • Kali Nichols- Daviess County
  • Lydia Gardner- Apollo
  • Maya Montalvo- Owensboro
  • Katelynn Davis- Apollo
  • Kayee Klee- Daviess County
  • Callie Patton- Daviess County
  • Hase Nae- Owensboro
  • Josie Ellis- Apollo
  • Leancy Garcia-Sanchez- Owensboro
  • Lylli Sandefur- Daviess County
  • Hadleigh Johnson- Apollo
  • Graycen Roberts- Owensboro

Honorable Mentions

  • Lylian List- Apollo
  • Lucero Mata Meza- Owensboro
  • Kaylei Moore- Owensboro
  • Winfried Simon- Apollo

April 18, 2024 | 12:05 am

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