Rep. Scott Lewis recognized as a 2020 ‘Friend of Kentucky Cities’

October 16, 2020 | 2:52 pm

Updated October 16, 2020 | 2:52 pm

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) bestowed a 2020 “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award on Representative Scott Lewis (R-Hartford) for his work in the 2020 Regular Session of the General Assembly. Representative Lewis sponsored House Bill 386, a KLC initiative that would have increased the time limit that a local government can contract for private ambulance service.

“We appreciate Representative Lewis stepping up on behalf of cities to ensure this update was enacted,” said KLC Executive Director/CEO J.D. Chaney. “The limited calendar legislators had to deal with in the 2020 session created challenges, but Representative Lewis was determined to use every avenue possible in order to give municipalities the flexibility they need to provide the best ambulance care possible for their community. He was able to get the provisions of his bill included in another piece of legislation, so cities can make these changes now as they deal with this public health crisis.”

“I would like to thank the Kentucky League of Cities for recognizing my efforts in trying to get House Bill 386 passed in the 2020 Regular Session,” responded Representative Lewis. “I was grateful to my colleagues who were able to include the language in House Bill 351 to increase the time limit from one year to four years that local governments can contract for ambulance services. This award means a lot to me.”


Representative Lewis also cosponsored House Bill 484, the #freeCERS bill for the local pension system. KLC Director of Public Affairs Bryanna L. Carroll spoke on the effort to pass the measure, which was the top legislative priority for cities in the 2020 session. “The effort to secure independent governance of the County Employees Retirement System (CERS) was a hard-fought battle,” she noted. “We could not have succeeded in securing final passage of the legislation without the advocacy of Representative Lewis and all the legislators who cosponsored the bill and supported the movement. We are grateful for their dedication to a free CERS.”

Founded in 1927, the Kentucky League of Cities is a membership association of more than 370 cities across the commonwealth. KLC confers the “Friend of Kentucky Cities” award on legislators who perform outstanding work championing issues that impact cities across the state.

October 16, 2020 | 2:52 pm

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