Local production company completes first short film centered around pandemic

November 22, 2020 | 12:08 am

Updated November 21, 2020 | 10:21 pm

Photo courtesy of Tinker Tones Production

When Shane Devon set out to create a full-length film in 2020, he never expected to abruptly change his plans when everything shut down in March. What seemed to be a setback, led to a blessing as Devon created his first short film instead. 

“Auditions were in February and the actress we hired aced the auditions,” Devon said. “We had already written a full-length, but the pandemic hit and everything went away. We decided on the short film to just keep working on something and keep moving forward.”

The film, “Piper Pence and the Pandemic,” mirrors the COVID pandemic. In the plot, danger is closer to Piper Pence than ever before, and she has to defend her house for the first time.


Liz Dillman from Henryville, Ind., plays the main character. Although she has been onstage many times, this is her first film. 

“It turned out really well; she’s fantastic,” Devon said. 

The 12.5-minute film is up for 12 film festivals through South by Southwest. Although they have not heard back yet, everyone involved is already proud of their hard work.

“Gill Holland of Louisville came on as the producer for the film, with the experience of numerous movies produced throughout the United States,” Devon said. 

To follow health and safety guidelines, Devon says just five people make up the crew.  All wear masks, social distance and follow strict precautions. During a time like this, they are just thankful to be able to keep creating. 

“The cast and crew all saw the finished film and loved it,” Devon said. “One main person is featured throughout the plot and the crew are used as extras as we went along.”

Devon is not new to the performance scene. He started at Kentucky Wesleyan College as a music education performance major. He also used to be a part of a sketch comedy called “The Basement” on YouTube from 2007-2011. 

“Our combined viewers was 3 million. A couple of videos were featured on the homepage, and they got a ton of views,” he said. “That was before major advertising was on YouTube, we left right before they started paying people.”

As far as future plans, Devon hopes to keep making movies. His next movie he will likely title “The Beacon” is about a young girl who stumbles into a haunted theatre.

 “It’s more of a Christmas movie than a haunted movie. It will probably be released to Vimeo before Christmas,” Devon said. “I’m wanting to make four or five shorts during the pandemic so I’ll be ready and have gained experience for the full.” 

Tinker Tone Pictures, which Devon’s wife Mandy helps him with, may have experienced a few setbacks this year, but Devon calls them a mixed blessing. 

“I learned so much I would have wished I knew if we had shot this summer,” Devon said. “Piper Pence was the first one I was able to experience. It’s a lightning strike to make it by making movies but I love this.” 

November 22, 2020 | 12:08 am

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