Friday After 5 season starts Friday with 12 weeks of music; schedule inside

May 13, 2024 | 12:09 am

Updated May 12, 2024 | 9:41 pm

Graphic by Owensboro Times

The weekend starts this Friday After 5, with the return of the summer-long Friday night programming. The organization is going “back to our roots” with 12 weeks of music planned to August 2.

Friday After 5’s 28th season is now partnering with the Eric Group as it extends from the RiverPark Center to the Holiday Inn patio. The Eric Group is scheduling for the RiverPark Center and Owensboro Convention Center stages, while the Friday After 5 board will work on the Holiday Inn and Overlook stages.

The season plans to have four weekly acts — one at each stage. Here’s a look at the season to come.

May 17:

  • Jagoe Homes Stage at the RiverPark Center: The Velvet Bombers
  • Romain Subaru Stage at the Owensboro Convention Center: Insulated
  • Overlook Stage: Lowland Ramblers
  • Holiday Inn Riverfront: TBA

May 24:

  • Jagoe Homes Stage at the RiverPark Center: Free Fallin’: The Tom Petty Concert Experience
  • Romain Subaru Stage at the Owensboro Convention Center: Cynthia Murray & The End Times
  • Overlook Stage: No Limits
  • Holiday Inn: Dark

May 31:

  • RiverPark Center: Boscoe France Band with Paul Reed Smith
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Andy Brasher Music
  • Overlook Stage: Happiness Jones
  • Holiday Inn: TBA

June 7:

  • RiverPark Center: Vinyl Radio
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Zocephus & Funknasty
  • Overlook Stage: Franklin Cardwell Band
  • Holiday Inn: TBA

June 14:

  • RiverPark Center: Caribou
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Ole 60
  • Overlook Stage: Flat Stanley (Full Band)
  • Holiday Inn Stage: TBA

June 21:

  • RiverPark Center: The Consoulers
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Super Bee
  • Overlook Stage: Last Call
  • Holiday Inn: TBA

June 28:

  • RiverPark Center: Bonepony
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Outlaw Apostles
  • Overlook Stage: The Sorrells
  • Holiday Inn: Dark

July 5:

  • RiverPark Center: 101st Airborne Rock Band
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Juice Box Heroes
  • Overlook Stage: Descent
  • Holiday Inn: TBA

July 12:

  • RiverPark Center: Stackin’ Eights
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Soul Circus
  • Overlook Stage: Billy Wood & The Classic Country Band
  • Holiday Inn Riverfront: Dark

July 19:

  • RiverPark Center: The Crashers
  • Convention Center Front Lawn: Kidd G
  • Overlook Stage: Mitchell Douglass
  • Holiday Inn: TBA

July 26:

  • RiverPark Center: Wax Factory
  • Owensboro Convention Center: V-Groove
  • Overlook Stage: 8-Track
  • Holiday Inn: Dark

August 2:

  • RiverPark Center: DeeOhGee & Brit Taylor (and Kentucky Distilled TV)
  • Owensboro Convention Center: Them Dirty Roses with Taylor Hunnicutt
  • Overlook Stage: Winner of Friday Night Fight (TBA)
  • Holiday Inn: TBA

May 13, 2024 | 12:09 am

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