Burger King rebuilding location on Triplett Street

February 1, 2024 | 12:09 am

Updated February 1, 2024 | 12:42 am

Photo by Ryan Richardson

Burger King is rebuilding their location on the corner of Triplett and 18th streets this year. There was a major structure fire at the location in January 2023, and the building was razed shortly after.

A building permit issued on January 26, 2024, shows the building will be 3,305 square feet with a construction cost of $1.4 million. The primary contractor is listed as Axis Construction out of Alpharetta, Georgia.

While the permit only shows the project description as “construct new restaurant,” an assistant manager at another Burger King location confirmed the company is rebuilding the restaurant on Triplett Street.

Burger King has two other locations in Owensboro, one at 2401 Patriot Run and another at 2944 West Parrish Avenue.

February 1, 2024 | 12:09 am

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