Chamber Member of the Week: Free Your Mind Body and Soul Wellness

May 20, 2024 | 12:08 am

Updated May 19, 2024 | 10:47 pm

Melissa Logsdon launched Free Your Mind Body and Soul Wellness in Owensboro in 2018. Since opening, she’s made it her mission to offer a destination for self-care needs, including pain relief, improving immune systems, and much more. 

Logsdon first created the business with a strong personal purpose, helping her son following a traumatic brain injury. 

“I have built a business that fosters love and compassion, benefiting countless community members, myself, my own family, especially my son,” Logsdon said. “My clients know and experience firsthand the relief from pains, anxieties, and overload of toxins through sessions here.”

Services at Free Your Mind Body and Soul Wellness include float therapy — also known as sensory deprivation — myofascial release, infrared sauna use, and ionic foot detox. Logsdon also obtained her LMT last year and began offering massages. 

She said float therapy is designed to quiet that constant input, limit environmental distractions, and allow the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to relax. Users enter a pod of roughly 10 inches of water saturated with nearly 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, creating an “effortless and weightless experience.”

“A significant portion of our brain’s regular workload is spent responding to gravity and constant external stimulation,” she said. “The experience is recommended to be done without lights or sound, but options are available to listen to music from your phone, and colored lights can also be used.”

Myofascial releases can be performed anywhere on the body and consist of applying sustained pressure to targeted connective tissue (fascia) areas to soften and stretch restrictions. She said the technique releases restrictions in the fascia and improves one’s range of motion while decreasing pain. 

“Emotional and physical trauma, inflammatory responses, and surgical procedures create restrictions that can’t always be seen on many standard tests,” Logsdon said. “Many clients come to me on their last leg of hope and have tried everything for relief. Most people find immediate relief within one session.”

When it comes to massages, she pays close attention to her clients’ requests while observing unspoken information such as posture, walking, expressions, and how their bodies move and fall on the table. 

“With my hands, I am observing your fascia planes throughout your tissue, feeling for restrictions, abnormal movements, areas of temperature changes in the skin, and feeling where textures aren’t quite the same,” she said. “You will receive the best intuitive massage using a variety of techniques to perfectly fulfill your preference and needs of relaxation and muscle relief at that moment.”

Logsdon offers essential oils, hot towels, and tools like cupping and guasha scrapers at no additional cost. 

The infrared saunas use infrared heaters to warm one’s body directly, which she said makes the heat more tolerable. 

“This can help with joint pain relief, rejuvenating skin, and helps fight off oxidative stress,” she said. “You can add chromotherapy (color light therapy) at no extra cost to make an experience more tailored to your specific needs. Our infrared sauna has been tested to ensure it is low EMF.”

With the ionic foot detox, Logsdon uses an ionizer to charge the water with positive and negative ions. She said this process will draw toxins from one’s body through natural bowel, bladder, and sweat processes up to four days after the session. 

“Color changes occur in the water as reactions to enzymes happen.” This gives information about areas where your body is more congested. Based on the colors in the water, recommendations are given on supplements and food changes that can be made to help your body be at its best.”

Logsdon said this service is popular among groups because she can accommodate up to four at a time, and friends will often compare and banter about who is the most “toxic.”

“The community has been great spreading through social media and word of mouth,” she said. “I also have several physicians, chiropractors, speech, physical, and counseling therapists who are always eager to share their experiences and send referrals.”

Visit to learn more about Free Your Mind Body and Soul Wellness or to schedule an appointment. 

“I am excited to be a part of this community and love how so many of our local small businesses are willing to support each other, even in similar trades, all while still creating their unique business identity,” Logsdon said. “Owensboro holds a lot of personality and character throughout our small businesses, and I am honored to contribute to our city’s distinctive character.”

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May 20, 2024 | 12:08 am

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