Garden clubs continue giving throughout seasons

November 14, 2018 | 3:07 am

Updated November 14, 2018 | 10:05 am

Though the season for gardening is over, local garden clubs are far from dormant. Owensboro has at least three groups devoted to gardening and all that goes with it, and the reach of the groups in the community grows beyond flower beds.

Each of the Owensboro garden clubs meets monthly for programs and socialization. Usually, the meetings include a luncheon and a presentation pertaining to the promotion of gardening. The bylaws of the Fleur De Lis Club state that programs should include, but not be limited to, “the study of horticulture; flower arranging; protection of our trees, wildflowers, and birds; city beautification; and other topics of interest to gardeners.”

At the recent meeting, Katherine Taylor Thomson of Studio Slant conducted a presentation of new items carried in her store that would make terrific Christmas gifts. 


According to Karen Callis, a member of the Home and Garden Club, the faction recently held their November meeting, which always involves members bringing canned goods, mittens, and hats, which are then donated to the HELP office or another local charity.In December, the group will travel to Shelbyville, Kentucky to visit Wakefield-Scearce Galleries, a store renowned for its collection of fine English antiques.  

While indulging in shared interests is certainly one benefit of the club, Callis said the event the members agree on as “the best” every year is the work they do on the campus of the Wendell Foster Center.

Every spring, the group goes en masse for a day of work on the campus’ flower beds. Recently, Callis said, the focus has been on establishing healthy plants and shrubs that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors all year long.

“We love to do it,” Callis said, “and everyone looks forward to us coming.”

Similarly, the members of the Fleur de Lis Club agree that their club’s work at Hartford House brings them great joy. The group purchased the large urn that sits at the entrance of the establishment and teams of members take turns planting and maintaining seasonal arrangements.  At certain points of the year, the arrangements must be watered and maintained daily.

Sara Hemingway, current president of the club, said the group also purchased a tent for the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens to use during plant and flower sales or during events at the garden. Hemingway said the club, which recently hosted a tree expert from Evansville who advised on proper tree pruning, is “a group of individual gardeners who enjoy learning together.”

The Owensboro Potpourri Garden Club began as a spin-off of the Fleur de Lis Club. Like each of the other clubs, it has between 30-35 members and enjoys programming that runs the gamut from plant-centric to educational. According to member M’Alys Bowen, Potpourri’s members donate yearly to their choice of philanthropic organizations and attempt to beautify the Owensboro community wherever possible.

November 14, 2018 | 3:07 am

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