Local filmmaker’s third project to bring Hollywood talent

March 15, 2019 | 3:10 am

Updated March 15, 2019 | 9:34 am

Local filmmaker P.J. Starks is wrapping up his Volumes of Blood franchise with the last movie, Devil's Knight: Volumes of Blood 3 and is hoping to get some community support in the process. | Photo contributed by P.J. Starks

Local filmmaker P.J. Starks is wrapping up his Volumes of Blood franchise with the last movie, Devil’s Knight: Volumes of Blood 3 and is hoping to get some community support in the process.

While Starks said it is part of a trilogy, it’s also a stand-alone piece with its own original storyline that ties into an overall narrative that weaves through the three films.

Starks is launching the crowdfunding campaign on Friday and is offering local businesses the opportunity for product placement in the film.


“We’ve got some cool things going on with our latest film and we’ve got some Hollywood talent involved,” he said.

Starks said four genre actors involved with the film — Tamara Glynn from the Halloween franchise, Bill Oberst Jr. who recently finished filming in Rob Zombie’s latest movie 3 From Hell, Helene Udy who was in Stephen King’s The Dead Zone and Lynn Lowry who was in George Romero’s The Crazies and David Cronenberg’s Shivers. All of them will be coming to Owensboro to film their parts.

“We already have distribution secured, a completed script, most of the roles cast and tons of ongoing buzz,” he said. “We just need to get this thing funded.”

Starks is the creator of the franchise and head writer and producing partner with Eric Huskisson. The film is being made through their local production company Blood Moon Pictures.

“To date, our films have incorporated over 200 local, regional and national artists that have contributed their time and talent to make the Volumes of Blood franchise an internationally recognized film franchise,” he said. “For local businesses, it’s an out of the box approach at marketing where you sponsor the film and get product placement.”

Through their various social media platforms, distribution deals via physical media, rentals through the 64 Kentucky-based Family Video locations and digital outlets such as Amazon Prime and iTunes; the potential is for hundreds of thousands of potential consumers seeing the film and the businesses involved with it.

On a local community level, this film franchise is a grassroots effort from many Owensboro artists and beyond.

“By supporting our campaign to help raise funds you’ll be helping local and regional writers, actors, directors, wardrobe designers and more see their visions come to life,” Starks said. “All money raised will be used for creation of the special effects, wardrobe, production design, props, equipment, travel, food and lodging; as well as helping bring some Hollywood talent to Owensboro.”

Starks said as creator he has been fortunate to work with some incredible talent as well as build relationships with a lot of supportive people.

“This third film is the largest in scope, so we’re looking for the community at large to participate, get a chance to see their name on the silver screen and help us complete a local artistic endeavor that has spanned five years, won a slew of awards, received national and international attention and helped put Owensboro on the indie film map,” he said. “We knew we had something special from all the love and support from the indie horror community, especially when Blumhouse, the company behind the most recent Halloween, said Volumes of a Blood was a ‘cult hit franchise.’ With everything we have planned for this final installment, it’s going to be the icing on the cake.”

Click here to donate to the film project.

March 15, 2019 | 3:10 am

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