New restaurant to bring New Orleans flavor, Southern cooking to Owensboro

July 23, 2020 | 3:09 pm

Updated July 23, 2020 | 3:43 pm

Photo by Ryan Richardson


A new restaurant that promises to bring some New Orleans flavor with seafood and other southern favorites is moving to Owensboro, and the owners are hoping to open by Sept. 1.

Sam’s Southern Eatery is in the process of moving into the former Hardee’s located at 2805 Parrish Ave. They company has two locations in Evansville, with roughly 50 other locations across nine states.

The Owensboro restaurant is co-owned by Moe Iweinat and Moses Ibrahim, who have owned one of the Evansville locations for about a year.


“We didn’t notice any seafood down here, so we wanted to bring some here,” Iweinat said. “We figured everybody likes Cajun food, so why not? The one in Indiana is doing pretty good. We saw how much people liked it. Owensboro is right next door.”

He added: “We see you’ve got the barbecue, but y’all don’t have seafood yet.”

Sam’s Southern Eatery will offer a wide variety of menu options including seafood, burgers, chicken and gumbo, as well as Southern sides and appetizers. A full menu can be found here.

“It’s mainly Southern food — fish, shrimp, gumbo,” Ibrahim said. “You’ve got to try the gumbo.”

The duo said they wanted to “bring the New Orleans experience up north.”

“When you’re in New Orleans you don’t really pay attention because there’s seafood everywhere,” Iweinat said. “When you go to a place where there’s not that much seafood and you see people come to it, it’s like ‘wow.’ It’s a bigger deal.”

Ibrahim said they don’t have to do many renovations to the old Hardee’s building.

“We just have to clean it up, that’s it,” he said.

July 23, 2020 | 3:09 pm

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